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Instantly turn Microsoft Project data into beautiful PowerPoint Gantt charts and timelines for your important meetings.

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Microsoft Project integration with PowerPoint

Simplify your Gantt charts and timelines

Beautiful visualizations that help stakeholders understand your project quickly and clearly.

Busy clients and executives don’t have time to understand complicated Gantt charts and timelines… and you don’t have time to create them. Office Timeline Plus Edition integrates with Microsoft Project to instantly transform Microsoft Projects into impressive PowerPoint slides for important meetings.

Transform Microsoft Project timelines and Gantt charts into PowerPoint visuals
Microsoft Project Summary Timeline
Import to PowerPoint from Microsoft Project

3 simple steps to impressive Microsoft Project visuals

1.     In PowerPoint, open the New Timeline wizard and select import

  1. Download and install Office Timeline Plus Edition.

  2. Inside PowerPoint, click on the Office Timeline+ tab and click the New button. Microsoft Project integration ribbon for PowerPoint

  3. On the New Timeline wizard, click the IMPORT tab and then click Microsoft Project.
    Converting Microsoft Project files to PowerPoint visuals

2.     Select the Microsoft Project that you would like to import

  1. Click on the Select a project file button to open the file browser.
    Open Microsoft Project files with PowerPoint

3.     Choose the items you would like to import

  1. Select the milestones and tasks by clicking on the checkmark box next to the item. Choose Summary Tasks and Milestones only if you have a large project with lots of tasks.
    Import to PowerPoint from Microsoft Project

  2. Click the Finish button to create you timeline.

Style it your way

Once created use Office Timeline to style it in your way. Quickly change colors, shapes and text positions, or try different date formats and time scales. You can add today markers, duration counts, and % complete. It is easy and since it is a native PowerPoint slide anyone who has PowerPoint can also edit it.

Microsoft Project File Exported to PowerPoint as Gantt Chart

Download the pre-built Microsoft Project & Powerpoint files

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