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Free Gantt Chart Template

If you want to accomplish a set of tasks within a given timeframe, the best way to orchestrate and track them is with the help of a Gantt chart. Illustrating the timeline of a project through a horizontal bar graphic, a Gantt chart gives a clear visual representation of scheduled tasks which supports project managers in planning, managing and executing specific activities.

Not limited to project management only, a Gantt chart proves useful in any context that involves coordinated effort. Therefore, we offer here a free downloadable Gantt chart template which can be easily edited and updated so you can schedule any type of tasks for a successful outcome.

How do you make a Gantt chart for free?

Creating a Gantt chart for free implies following a few basic steps, which are summarized below:

  1. Break down the structure of your project into smaller, manageable activities.
  2. List and order these activities in a logical sequence.
  3. Estimate the resources required for carrying out each activity.
  4. Set start and end dates for the outlined tasks.

Once this information is ready, you can start building the Gantt chart using free tools like our Office Timeline Gantt chart template above.

Why use the Free Gantt Chart Template?

Unlike most Gantt charts that are complex and difficult for other people to read and follow, this free Gantt chart template was created differently. It was designed to clearly outline your project at a high level, in a way that is easy for important audiences to understand. Including a timeline with editable milestones in addition to the classic task display, the free Gantt template allows you to also present your key project events visually.

Although traditional Gantt charts were created to illustrate detailed project schedules and dependencies, clients and executives want something lighter and more user-friendly. Presenting complicated work breakdown structures often proves to be too taxing for many audiences. They expect to be presented with simpler Gantts in communications such as project reviews, proposals, plans, scorecards and status meetings, and this template enables you to deliver just that.

Building Gantt charts with our Free Gantt Chart Template

Successfully managing a project requires consistent project communication across all stakeholders, and this free Gantt chart sample, along with our other Gantt chart templates, was designed for this requirement. It is intended to illustrate your project schedule at a high level and to map it against a timeline with key milestones. Preparing the slide with your project schedule can now be done in PowerPoint by manually editing this free Gantt chart template’s placeholders. You can also use the free Office Timeline Gantt chart maker for PowerPoint to automatically add your timeline and quickly update the slide whenever your project schedules change.

Office Timeline is a free Gantt chart tool that plugs natively into PowerPoint so you can make Gantt chart slides in a few clicks and update them easily when dates change or tasks have been completed. Thus, any Office Timeline Gantt chart makes it simple to keep clients and executives informed with the most current project status. The Pro+ Edition integrates with Microsoft Project and Excel, so generating Gantt charts and revising them is done immediately. The tool makes building and maintaining Gantt chart slides for standing or recurring communications effortless.

Updating your template is simple and fast.

Use the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in to quickly customize any of the Gantt chart templates above or create your own. Easily change the texts, colors and shapes of your Gantt chart and update dates instantly by drag & drop, all within PowerPoint.

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