Small company, big dreams

What we are all about

Once upon a time two friends shared a dark office at a big corporation. They spent a lot of time preparing and updating project visuals for client and executive meetings…way too much time. They dreamed of an easier way.

The Mission

So, not too long ago, they set out on a mission to rid the world of ho-hum project presentations which take way too long to make. They would do it with innovative software that is simple and nice to use. They would make it familiar and they would make it work with the tools business workers were already using. And, above all, they would build it to create beautiful project visuals which add a “wow” factor to important meetings.

The Company

Office Timeline like many companies, was born out of necessity. The software is skillfully built by a growing group of good-humored people who still share offices. We love to listen to customers, and that’s great because Office Timeline is used by over 500,000 talented professionals in enterprises around the world.

The Way

Our software is designed for professionals who need to manage and present their projects in a easier more impressive way. Our sights are set on delivering valuable, graphics based project applications and web services that are simple, familiar and impressive. Our way is to design easy-to-use, customer inspired applications which simplify the tedious tasks knowledge workers have to do when managing projects.