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Technology Roadmap with Swimlanes Template

Technology, the “great growling engine of change” as Alvin Toffler affectionately called it, is the invisible driving force embedded in virtually all parts of people’s lives. Our reliance on it means the world can very easily come to a grinding halt should tech fail, a prospect that even the most brilliant minds fear. We can’t and, to be fair, really don’t want to stop the train of progress from rolling onwards, since it empowers us to be creative and reach our true potential.

However, that shouldn’t mean we cannot properly plan and prepare for it. Quite the opposite! Coming up with a strategy for managing technological updates in your organization has never been easier, thanks to this swimlane template roadmap you can use for your next PowerPoint presentation. All tasks and milestones can now be consolidated within distinct phases of the project, significantly improving the readability of your Gantt charts or timelines and virtually eliminating clutter.

The technology swimlane diagram example showcases how you can achieve a crystal-clear graphical representation of the processes and the directly related metrics, as well as potential risk management steps and alert triggers. There are numerous customization options you can enjoy with Office Timeline Pro, and you can try it out free of charge to get a sense of what it has to offer.

Add in the ability to import your data from other apps like Excel, Microsoft Project, Smartsheet or Wrike, and the native PowerPoint controls that it’s based on, and you have an incredibly intuitive but at the same time sophisticated project management tool at your fingertips.

You can also download the tech swim lane diagram template free of charge and start adding your own logo and branding colors today.  


Updating your template is simple and fast.

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