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Office Timeline helps you quickly turn complex project files into clear PowerPoint® visuals that your stakeholders can understand.

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Product Expansion Program Timeline

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What customers tell us

Quickly produces professional-looking timelines.

  • Office Timeline was one of the best finds in my career. As a program manager interacting with senior leaders, I found it challenging to provide simple PowerPoint visuals of complicated projects. Office Timeline does exactly that. It is easy to use, saves me time and produces professional looking timelines. I would recommend this to any program or project manager who leads a large project with multiple dependencies.

    Jineesh P R
    Jineesh P RSr. Technical Program Manager, Amdocs Development Ltd
  • Over my career I have managed many projects using various project tools, but to create timelines I now use Office Timeline. It’s simple and easy to use, and it quickly produces impressive looking executive timelines for my clients, board and teams.

    Geoff Hales
    Geoff HalesDirector Barnewall Resources Pty Ltd.

Manage projects with big-picture slides anyone can understand.

  • Pharmaceutical Timeline with Dependencies

    Made withExpertEdition

  • Product Expansion Program Timeline

    Made withExpertEdition

  • Project Portfolio Summary Timeline

    Made withExpertEdition

  • E-Commerce Program Roadmap

    Made withExpertEdition

  • Product Development Plan with Swimlanes

    Made withExpertEdition

  • Program Quarterly Business Review Slide

    Made withExpertEdition

Create custom timeline themes
Custom themes

Maintain brand consistency with timeline themes.

Set up custom themes to ensure project visuals are on brand every time. Share themes with your team to help them make compelling timelines while keeping project communications cohesive.

Visual PowerPoint timeline generator
Timeline and roadmap templates

Save time and standardize with templates.

Leverage our professional timeline and roadmap templates to quickly make impressive visuals and communicate consistently to all audiences. Choose from dozens of designs in the template gallery or create your own and save it there.

Connect your data

Turn existing data into a beautiful slide in seconds.

Import data from your favorite project planning tools and instantly get a PowerPoint roadmap. Refresh your visual effortlessly when plans change and use all that time you saved for other important matters.

  • Import from Jira

    Make sense of complex Jira data through a simple, beautiful timeline slide.

    Import your data from Jira and quickly get a PowerPoint timeline that’s easy to access and read at a glance. Visually group issues by status, team, or category to present a clear picture of what’s going on.

    Project data in Jira before importing into Office Timeline Pro+
    Import from Jira into Office Timeline Pro+
  • Import from Project

    Bring the most popular PM software right inside PowerPoint!

    You choose the data to import from Project®, and Office Timeline will do the rest – build you a high-level timeline slide that’s ready to present and easy to update.

    Project data in MS Project before importing into Office Timeline Pro+
    Import from Project into Office Timeline Pro+
  • Import from Excel

    Prefer scheduling in Excel?

    Import your planning spreadsheet into Office Timeline to make a slide and update it automatically when Excel® data changes.

    Project data in Excel before importing into Office Timeline Pro+
    Import from Excel into Office Timeline Pro+
  • Import from Smartsheet

    Need a simpler way to present your Smartsheet data in important meetings?

    Transform it into a PowerPoint timeline or roadmap with Office Timeline – it’s fast, simple, hassle-free.

    Project data in Smartsheet before importing into Office Timeline Pro+
    Import from Smartsheet into Office Timeline Pro+
  • Import from Wrike

    Simplify your Wrike projects for stakeholder reviews.

    Connect to your Wrike project and bring your key tasks into PowerPoint, all neatly aligned on an executive timeline slide that will stand out with clients and managers.

    Project data in Wrike before importing into Office Timeline Pro+
    Import from Wrike into Office Timeline Pro+
Drag & drop editor in Office Timeline
Easy drag & drop

Move, reorder and update effortlessly using drag & drop.

With Office Timeline’s smart visual editor, you can just drag & drop objects to rearrange them quickly, move them to a new work stream, or instantly change their dates. So easy!

Advanced functionality

Get the advanced functionality you need to manage slides quicker and impress stakeholders with uniquely tailored visuals.

Easy Swimlane editing in Office Timeline Pro+

Easily manage data

Quickly add, edit, duplicate, or hide entire Swimlanes and Sub-Swimlanes to show audiences exactly what they need.

Tailor your timeline with Office Timeline Pro+

Tailor everything

Style any detail, from multiple timescales, Swimlanes and Sub-Swimlanes, to shapes, fonts and colors. Easily make unique timelines that will wow any audience.

Show Milestones on Swimlane Tasks

Add milestones inside lanes or on tasks

Add milestones inside your Swimlanes or on Swimlane tasks and impress your audience with unique, ultra-accurate timelines.

Show custom fiscal years

Show custom fiscal years

Easily customize your timeline to reflect your organization’s fiscal calendar, so you’re properly aligned with stakeholder reporting rhythms.