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Business Continuity Plan Template

Business Continuity Plan

To survive on a globalized market, especially in difficult periods of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), organizations of all sizes must learn to adapt rapidly. We all know that keeping the business running in times of change and stress has never been more important. One of the best ways to ensure your company is prepared for the unexpected is to create a business continuity plan that helps you act - instead of merely react - when disruption strikes.
That’s why we built the business continuity plan example as a swimlane timeline to help guide you in your risk mitigation efforts. This free template outlines the major components of business continuity management so you can get started quickly and save valuable time. The BCP template has all the major steps already built in for your convenience, from business impact analysis to disaster recovery.
Business continuity planning is a common best practice in the IT field, but the benefits of creating a contingency plan are obvious for any type of project in any industry. Whether you’re working in Operations, Marketing, or Pharma, you can use this template to map out how you respond to change.

The template for this business continuity plan is free to download and easy to edit with the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in, so you spend minutes instead of hours to prepare a clear, crisp visual that gets the point across in one slide. You can use it anytime for a high-level presentation of contingency plans to show your stakeholders the principles of risk management.

Office Timeline is a free timeline maker that helps you create and update project visuals using a smart layout engine that does all the work for you. Use the free version any time you need a simple but powerful tool to do a project timeline or Gantt chart in PowerPoint quickly. Or create more complex visuals using the Pro edition, which offers access to key features like import, templates, and unlimited rows of data. So, next time your stakeholders ask how you plan to ensure business continuity in times of unprecedented complexity, this template can be your starting point.  




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