Office Timeline – free timeline maker
Office Timeline – free timeline maker

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Office Timeline Online Free Edition

Plan, align and collaborate with our free online timeline maker.

Make PowerPoint® timelines and roadmaps online. Quickly update and share your slides with the web’s simplest timeline creator.

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Online timeline maker app
  • Timeline slide made with online timeline maker

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  • Gantt chart made with online timeline tool

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  • Agile product release plan built with online timeline and Gantt chart app

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What customers tell us

Easy. Visual. Beautiful.

  • Office Timeline Online has simplified our project management immensely. I manage a team of service designers who are not usually experts in project management, but the highly visual interface and ease of use has made managing our projects a breeze. We cannot imagine using any other project Timeline tool that is as easy and beautiful.

    Yvonne Tran
    Yvonne TranSenior Design Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Office Timeline Online provides me with a really quick way to create and maintain PowerPoint timelines from the web. I use it to make executive timelines for presentations to our VPs. The bright colors and distinctive shapes make it easy for them to quickly understand what’s at stake, and my slides always stand out.

    Éric Hervé, PMP
    Éric Hervé, PMPProject Manager, Major Canadian Media Company
Easy-to-use online timeline creator
Make timelines anywhere

Simple, accessible online timeline generator.

Build stunning online timelines that people actually understand. Office Timeline Online is a free, easy-to-use web-based tool that creates unforgettable PowerPoint slides.

Use the web timeline maker to create Gantt charts online that can be easily shared or downloaded.

Collaborative project management software
Collaborative project tool

Share and collaborate online effortlessly.

Teamwork is simple and secure with Office Timeline Online. Create a view-only link to your timeline or invite colleagues to collaborate so they can see your plan and update or share it further.

Online timeline maker and task assignment app
Assign tasks

Align teams and coordinate your work more effectively.

Assign individual tasks on the timeline, so that everyone’s clear about their priorities and nothing falls through the cracks. Easily keep track of who’s doing what and optimize performance.

Software for creating and managing project roadmaps online
Online timeline maker with PowerPoint integration
Best of both worlds

Why is this the best program to create a timeline?

Office Timeline Online is the only cloud-based timeline maker that creates real PowerPoint slides, right from your browser.

Get the best of both worlds with our online timeline and Gantt chart maker. Now you can have the ease of the web when building timelines and Gantt charts for the world’s most popular presentation software.

Build timelines faster

Connect to existing data to instantly generate beautiful, shareable timelines.

Turn your project data into a presentation-ready timeline that you can easily share and update together with your team.

  • Import from Jira

    Create a unified view of your Jira projects on a stylish, accessible timeline.

    Import multiple projects or boards from Jira and align them all on a high-level timeline that stakeholders can easily follow. Refresh your timeline at the click of a button whenever your data in Jira changes.

    Project data in Jira before importing into Office Timeline Online
    Import data from Jira into Office Timeline Online
  • Import from Project

    Need to communicate your Project data to stakeholders?

    Upload your Project® file into our online timeline maker to get a vibrant visual and impress your audience. Easily share your timeline and refresh it automatically before status reports.

    Project data in MS Project before importing into Office Timeline Online
    Import data from Project into Office Timeline Online
  • Import from Excel

    Quickly transform your spreadsheet into an elegant visual.

    Import your Excel® project tracker to instantly generate a timeline and keep your entire team aligned with a clear visual.

    Project data in Excel before importing into Office Timeline Online
    Import data from Excel into Office Timeline Online
  • Import from Smartsheet

    Present Smartsheet data in a way that feels familiar and intuitive.

    Convert your Smartsheet plans into beautiful visuals that anyone can read at a glance. Share or download them as slides to present your data in the format preferred by your audience.

    Project data in Smartsheet before importing into Office Timeline Online
    Import data from Smartsheet into Office Timeline Online
Download online timeline as PowerPoint slide
Download slides anyone can use

The only online timeline maker that produces original PowerPoint slides.

Office Timeline Online visuals can be downloaded as native PowerPoint slides, which means you can edit them just as you would any other slide. Use all the PowerPoint controls you are already familiar with and present your timeline or roadmap as usual.

Compare and choose

Compare Office Timeline Online accounts.

Add more than 10 items per timeline-
Unlimited collaboration-
Download timelines as PowerPoint slidesLimited*
Import & refresh Jira data without restrictions-
Import Excel data without restrictions-
Import & refresh Project data without restrictions-
Import Smartsheet data without restrictions-
Create SwimlanesLimited*
Add milestones inside SwimlanesLimited*
Show multiple timescales
Assign tasks to team members
Save timelines in the cloud
Add notes
Create folders
Upload logo
Add slide title and footnote
Drag & drop tasks and milestones
Technical support-
Unlimited free updates
Price (1-year subscription, billed annually)FreeLoading...

Frequently asked questions about making timelines

Displaying a series of events in chronological order, a timeline is one of best ways to highlight critical milestones and show the progress of a project plan. Given their visual power, timelines play a major role in project management. Learn from our blog post how to make a timeline quickly and effectively.

Jira can automatically generate a timeline based on your issues’ start and end dates. Once you’ve filled those out, simply move to your project’s Timeline view to see your visual. While Jira’s timelines can certainly help you visualize your projects, stakeholders who are not Jira uses might find them difficult to follow. If you need a high-level visual for executive meetings, try Office Timeline Online, a free tool that can import one or more Jira projects and align them on a neatly-structured timeline that’s easy to share and present.

To create a timeline in Project, all you need to do is tick the “Timeline” checkbox from the View tab to activate it, and then right-click your tasks to add them to your visual. However, the resulting graphic may become a little too complex when managing large projects, so you will need to use a few tricks to make it more palatable. Learn all about it in our tutorial on how to make a timeline in Microsoft Project.

You can manually create a timeline in Microsoft Excel using the spreadsheet platform’s Scatter chart option. If your timeline needs to be regularly updated for recurring high-level communications, it’s easier to build it in PowerPoint. However, if you opt for using Excel, follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to make a timeline in Excel.

As long as you have at least two date columns in your sheet, Smartsheet will automatically generate your project’s timeline, which you can see just by switching to Gantt View. If you need to present your plan to audiences that don’t have access to Smartsheet, you can also try the free web app Office Timeline Online. It pulls your Smartsheet data and turns it into a stylish timeline that you can safely share with anyone or download as a slide to include in presentations.

To present a project plan in Google Docs, you can use the online word processor’s Bubble chart feature and a bit of formatting to create a basic timeline. Read our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a timeline from a Google document or use the dedicated timeline maker Office Timeline Online.

Making a timeline in PowerPoint is one of the easiest ways to showcase project plans because the result is presentation-ready. You can build a PowerPoint timeline either manually, using the Basic Timeline option from SmartArt, or automatically, with the Office Timeline add-in. Find out more in our tutorial on how to make a timeline in PowerPoint.

There is a variety of tools that you can use to create timelines, including both multi-functional project management applications and dedicated ones. Opting for a purpose-built timeline maker, however, yields the best results. To make an informed decision on which solution is the right fit for you, read our timeline maker software review.