Office Timeline – free timeline maker
Office Timeline – free timeline maker

Rated 4.5 of 5 | Office Timeline 5482 reviews

Office TimelineExpert

Standardize project reporting for executive reviews.

With Office Timeline Expert, you can easily make and manage consistent, on-brand timelines for effective project communication and better project governance.


Rated 4.5 of 5 | Office Timeline 5482 reviews

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What customers tell us

Terrific timesaver when every minute counts.

I LOVE the themes and templates! They're a terrific timesaver, enabling reuse and consistency when every minute counts. I like them so much that I'll be moving all my client timelines into themes this week.

Anthony Reese
Anthony ReeseServices Delivery Lead, Scimitar Inc.
Create custom timeline themes
Custom themes

Maintain brand consistency with custom timeline themes.

Set up custom themes to ensure project visuals are on brand every time. Share themes with your team to help them make compelling timelines while keeping project communications cohesive.

Download free
Download free
Create custom timeline templates
Custom templates

Speed up timeline creation across your org with custom templates.

Save your timelines as templates to reuse for future work. Every person on your team can work from the same reusable designs, so they can focus on the data rather than fiddle with the layout, significantly reducing setup time.

Download free
Download free
Make complex data simple

Seamlessly convert intricate project data into beautiful visuals.

Managing complex projects? Expert Edition connects to your PM tools and instantly turns raw data into a high-level PowerPoint® roadmap that’s easy to present and update.

  • Import from Jira

    Help stakeholders navigate your Jira projects with ease.

    Import multiple projects or boards from Jira and merge them on a simple, visual one-pager. Make it easy for all stakeholders to track progress, spot overlaps, and assess risks, so they can plan effectively.

    Project data in Jira before importing into Office Timeline Expert
    Import from Jira into Office Timeline Expert
  • Import from Project

    Quickly capture the essence of detailed Project data.

    Turn overwhelming Project® plans into intuitive visuals that highlight key tasks and dependencies at a glance. Give stakeholders just the right details they need for quick, confident decisions.

    Project data in MS Project before importing into Office Timeline Expert
    Import from MS Project into Office Timeline Expert
  • Import from Excel

    Transition from data tables to captivating visual narratives.

    Convert your Excel® schedule into a compelling timeline that tells your project’s story. Impress with stunning visuals that you can update effortlessly for each status report.

    Project data in Excel before importing into Office Timeline Expert
    Import from Excel into Office Timeline Expert
  • Import from Smartsheet

    Speak your stakeholders’ language.

    Showcase your Smartsheet project as a visual PowerPoint slide – a format familiar and accessible to all. Capitalize on their existing comfort with PowerPoint to drive engagement and streamline communication.

    Project data in Smartsheet before importing into Office Timeline Expert
    Import from Smartsheet into Office Timeline Expert
  • Import from Wrike

    Turn Wrike projects into executive-friendly slides.

    Communicate your Wrike data on clear summary slides that executives can conveniently access and review. Effortlessly craft project reports that they will want to read.

    Project data in Wrike before importing into Office Timeline Expert
    Import from Wrike into Office Timeline Expert
Get premium support with Office Timeline Expert
Premium support

Get unparalleled technical support with Expert Edition.

Enjoy priority query response and gain direct access to our most experienced support engineers for swift problem resolutions. Benefit from deployment assistance, remote calls, private demos, and tailored training sessions to help you make the most out of Office Timeline.

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Download free
Smooth sailing

Maximize efficiency and consistency in project reporting with Expert Edition.

Customize everything about your timeline themes
Download free

Standardize every detail

Save the theme colors, fonts, and shapes to match your brand guidelines. Create presets for every timeline object, from tasks and milestones to swimlanes and dependencies.

Duplicate timeline themes with Office Timeline Expert
Download free

Instantly adapt themes, risk-free

Duplicate themes to create variations fast while keeping the overall brand consistent. Safely experiment with changes and see what works best.

Import into custom themes or templates
Download free

Cut prep time to a minimum

Import data straight into a custom template or theme to get on-brand timelines in seconds. Streamline your visuals so you’re ready for stakeholders at a moment’s notice.

Compare and choose

Compare Office Timeline add-in editions.

Add more than 10 items per timeline-
Create SwimlanesLimited*
Add Sub-Swimlanes inside SwimlanesLimited*-
Show dependencies & critical pathLimited*-
Show multiple timeline scales--
Pre-designed themes
Create custom themes---
Share custom themes---
Timeline and Gantt templates-
Swimlane templates-
Sub-Swimlane templates--
Create custom templates---
Import data from Jira-
Import multiple Jira projects or boards---
Import data from Excel & Project-
Import data from Smartsheet-
Import into custom themes & templates---
Import dependencies--
Copy & paste from ExcelLimited*
Unlimited free updates
Technical support-StandardStandardPremium
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