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Clinical Roadmap Template

An essential part of medical project management, clinical trials represent a category of research that aims to evaluate both the efficacy and safety of a pharmaceutical drug, dietary choice, intervention or medical device. The duration and specifics of the trials will, of course, depend on the type of product being tested. In order to receive a green light, the study must show the benefits for the patient outweigh the risks. For instance, cancer treatments have been approved in spite of the negative side effects. This is because they address a life-threatening condition and are administered under the direct supervision of a medical professional.

The clinical trial roadmap is a free PowerPoint template that features all the 3 main phases necessary for any drug or procedure to receive approval from the FDA. Phase I is conducted on a small, healthy group of participants and aims to determine the safe dosage as well as uncover potential side effects. Phase II focuses on proving the efficacy compared to a placebo and identifying the optimal dosage that produces the benefits with minimal side-effects. Finally, in Phase III, the efficacy compared with existing alternatives will be measured in a large-scale study on thousands of participants who are affected by the disease.

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