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The #1 PowerPoint Timeline Maker for Windows and Office.

Create PowerPoint timelines or roadmaps as fast as clients and executives need them. Simple but powerful PowerPoint® add-in for Windows® that anyone can use to quickly make and manage impressive timelines.

  • Product roadmap with dependencies

    Made withPro+Edition

  • Gantt chart made in PowerPoint with timeline maker

    Made withProEdition

  • Project roadmap with key milestones and dependencies

    Made withPro+Edition

  • Clinical research timeline

    Made withProEdition

  • Strategic roadmap with key milestones and swimlanes

    Made withPro+Edition

  • Product Development Timeline

    Made withProEdition

What customers tell us

Invaluable. Creates remarkable PowerPoint timelines quickly.

  • Office Timeline makes it simple to quickly create remarkable PowerPoint Timelines. It has a wide variety of stylish templates to choose from and my timelines are constantly getting compliments from management and customers. The ability for me to quickly and easily update a timeline for a project or presentation sets this software apart from any other product on the market. Well worth the money. In a word... #OfficeTimelineRocks!

    John Panico
    John PanicoSenior Manager, Hitachi Solutions
  • Office Timeline is a great tool for creating visually appealing and easy to understand PowerPoint schedules. The ability to import existing data into Office Timeline (e.g. MS Project) and then edit is invaluable. I use this on a weekly basis and would not want to be without it!

    Christer Hiort, PMP
    Christer Hiort, PMPDirector of Project Operations, Ericsson
Visual PowerPoint timeline generator
Make timelines almost instantly

Free yourself from manually building and tediously updating project visuals.

Office Timeline helps you make PowerPoint timelines, Gantt charts, Swimlanes and program roadmaps almost instantly. Customize them with just a few clicks to create clear, elegant high-level presentations that everyone will understand.

Build and update project timelines in PowerPoint
Project timeline in PowerPoint

Agile timeline management

Manage and change data with ease.

The plugin’s powerful Data wizard and drag & drop Visual Editor make timeline & dependency management agile and intuitive. Updating timelines when projects and plans change is quick and easy.

Make a timeline in all versions of PowerPoint and Office 365
Familiar and intuitive

User-friendly PowerPoint timeline generator. Works the way clients and colleagues do.

Office Timeline works with all versions of PowerPoint. Give them stunning PowerPoint slides that can be viewed, edited and shared by anyone who has Microsoft Office®.

PowerPoint timelines made easy

No complex steps. No learning curve. No time wasted.

PowerPoint timeline and Gantt chart templates

1. Start from scratch or pick a template

The timeline wizard was designed to make it simple. It all starts by selecting the type of timeline you want to make.

2. Enter your data and click Create

Once you’ve selected a timeline template, enter or import your key milestones and tasks. Set their dates, click the Create button, and voilà! Timeline created.

3. Arrange and style to impress

Use Drag & Drop to instantly rearrange or update your visual. Then customize it your way – colors, shapes, date formats, task duration, percent complete… change any detail, anyway you want.

Watch it in action

See how quickly it makes PowerPoint timelines.

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Get started now

Anybody can make an impressive PowerPoint timeline in less than a minute.

Free Edition

Download free PowerPoint timeline builder.

Office Timeline Free Edition creates high-level Gantt charts and timelines, with up to 10 milestones and tasks. Download the add-in and start building your first project slide now.

Pro Edition

See the power of Pro Edition.

Office Timeline Pro creates impressive Swimlane and roadmap timelines, so you can manage complex projects with big-picture visuals that anyone can understand.

Pro+ Edition

Get more with Pro+ Edition.

Get everything you get in Pro and more. Office Timeline Pro+ unlocks advanced features like Swimlanes inside Swimlanes, Dependencies & Critical Path. Use Pro+ to quickly make program roadmaps and portfolio slides that stakeholders will actually read.

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