When creating a high-level presentation for your project or product roadmap, it's often difficult to find a way to fit all the essential information onto a single PowerPoint slide.  You may find a way to fit ongoing tasks and key milestones, but how do you represent other elements like roles, activities, or initiatives?

That's where swimlanes come in. Just like their colorful equivalents you can find in your local swimming pool, swimlanes (also written as "swim lanes") are being used in business communication to organize and categorize activities within a process. Swimlane diagrams are very flexible, and therefore the meaning of a swimlane or its scope is up to you: it can be departments, employees, steps, or procedures.

To make things easier, we've created this swimlane PowerPoint template you can use to showcase your product or project roadmap to clients or executives. This swimlane template can be customized not only to fit your project data but also in terms of colors, shapes and positioning. At the same time, you can leverage all PowerPoint's native features to add your company branding, your client's logo or a legend explaining your color codes.  

We've built the Swimlane Diagram template using the Office Timeline Pro , a professional tool that helps you create swimlane charts in PowerPoint. You can download the swimlane diagram template for free to help you in your project planning activities. The swimlane template can be edited manually in PowerPoint or you can use the Office Timeline plug-in to edit it automatically.