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Free Swimlane Diagram Templates for PowerPoint

Swimlane Diagram template examples

Used to document complex processes in and between organizations, a swimlane diagram shows how the actions of multiple agents come together to complete an initiative. Containing lanes assigned to each entity involved in the project, this type of project visual helps pinpoint activities for which they are responsible.

When properly built to map out the steps that groups or departments undertake within a given process, swimlane diagrams can help identify problems and areas of inefficiency.

Effectively capturing and visualizing business process requirements to maximize productivity can be a challenge when dealing with complex projects. Among the many Swimlane Diagram tools  available to achieve this goal, pre-built samples are the easiest way to get started. This is why we’ve put together a series of swimlane diagram templates that you can use to get going.

Natively built in PowerPoint, these templates can be easily updated and customized to reflect your project specifics and help you handle stakeholder meetings like a pro.

Top 4 Free Swimlane Diagram Templates

Here are the options you can choose from to create visuals that will enhance communication and performance at your organization:

  1. Basic Swimlane Diagram Template
  2. Cross Functional Swimlane Flow Chart Template
  3. Process Map Swimlane Diagram Template
  4. Geographical Swimlane Diagram Template

1. Basic Swimlane Diagram Template

Basic Swimlane Diagram Template

This swimlane diagram template for PowerPoint is suitable for project managers who want to design and convey the framework of a complex project in a clear, easy-to-follow format. Laying out concurrent tasks and milestones on different lanes so they don’t overlap, it provides structure and solid visual support for effective activity scheduling, task assignment and resource allocation.

Use this template to showcase your project roadmap to a high level, editing it in PowerPoint with the help of the Office Timeline Pro add-in . You can customize it functionally (replacing the placeholder text with your own project data), and visually (by changing colors, shapes and positioning).


2. Cross-functional Swimlane Flow Chart Template

Cross-Functional Swimlane Flow Chart Template

Organizing tasks into separate, distinctive grids and assigning process steps to certain categories, a cross-functional swimlane flow chart indicates who does what and when within a process flow.

The cross-functional swimlane flow chart template will help you bring clarity to processes which involve input from multiple teams/departments and describe the relation between certain process steps and the agents that are responsible for them.


3. Process Map Swimlane Diagram Template

Process Map Swimlane Diagram Template

Process mapping is an essential part of strategy planning and management, which helps people across departments see a process landscape. The process map swimlane diagram enables you to delineate all the stages of a project, roles, responsibilities and interdependencies of a given person or group involved in the process.

A useful tool for process modelling, this template will improve the clarity of your business operations, helping you to identify sources of delays and create efficiencies at scale.


4. Geographical Swimlane Diagram Template

Geographical Swimlane Diagram Template

The geographical swimlane diagram helps PMs working in multi-national organizations gain perspective and visibility into project initiatives that take place at different business site levels. Providing a bird’s eye view over complex distributed processes, it makes it easier for bottlenecks and inconsistencies to be detected, revealing opportunities for improvement.

Use this template to document and design cross-organizational operations into a single common version that can be accessed easily and collaboratively.


Explore more swimlane diagram tools on our page dedicated to swimlane diagram software, or learn how to build such visuals using programs like Excel or PowerPoint with our swimlane diagram tutorials.

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