Stephen Hawking Timeline

Stephen Hawking timeline

Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned theoretical physicist and author who came to symbolize the triumph of mind over matter, died yesterday morning at his home in Cambridge. The scientist was considered a leading voice in physics and cosmology, not only due to his extensive work on the nature of the universe, but also for his efforts – and success – in popularizing science around the world. To honor one of the most brilliant minds of our times, we have created a timeline of Hawking’s life and work.

The Stephen Hawking Timeline illustrates important events and achievements in the life of the physicist, including some of his major publications. His renowned book, A Brief History of Time, was written to help “non-scientists” get a wider understanding of physics and our universe. As Hawking himself noted in the book’s acknowledgments, he had been warned that, for each equation included in the text, his readership would be halved. Therefore – with some difficulty - the author dropped all equations but one: E = mc2. When published in 1988, A Brief History of Time quickly rose to the top of bestseller lists and remained there for months.

The Stephen Hawking chronology was created with Office Timeline, a simple-to-use PowerPoint plugin that enables users to quickly generate historical timelines, visual plans and schedules, Gantt charts, or other similar graphics. The image is free to copy and share and can be updated or restyled easily using the Plus version of the tool.

Download the Stephen Hawking Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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