Robin Williams Timeline: 1951 - 2014

Known for his remarkable improvisation skills and legendary comedic talent, Robin Williams was one of the most beloved performers of his time and one of the very few who could make you laugh hysterically one moment and cry the next. Voted in high school as “the least likely to succeed”, Robin would grow up to win five Grammys, one Academy award and two Emmys. He played numerous memorable film roles, both comedic and dramatic – and all one-of-a-kind.

Today, July 21, 2017, the famed comedian would have turned 66 years old. To honor the memory of the man who made the whole world laugh, let’s take a look back at his life and achievements.

Robin Williams Timeline

The Robin Williams Timeline marks key moments in the actor’s life and career, including his first major performances, popular movies, and his debut on Broadway. One of the comedian’s most fondly remembered performances is the role of the flamboyant genie in Aladdin. Although a script was – obviously – available, Robin Williams improvised most of the character, which resulted in Aladdin being rejected by the Academy for the “Best Adapted Screenplay” category.

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