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This Saturday marked two important events in the history of psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. First of all, 51 years ago on March 10, the band launched their debut single, Arnold Layne, which peaked at number 20 in the UK despite having been banned by multiple radio stations. Moreover, according to Pink Floyd’s official website, March 10 (1973) is also the day the iconic album The Dark Side of the Moon was released, gaining the band their first No.1 chart placing and remaining on the chart for 741 consecutive weeks.

To wish Pink Floyd a happy anniversary for both occasions, let’s take a look back at their internationally-acclaimed work.

The Pink Floyd Timeline provides a chronological overview of the band’s major album releases, including studio and live albums as well as a few compilations. Although there seems to be some dispute regarding the exact release date of The Dark Side of the Moon, what is certain is that it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles made most of their recordings. In fact, at the end of Eclipse, the final song on Pink Floyd’s best-selling album, a faintly audible orchestral section of the Beatles’ Ticket to Ride can be heard. It is believed that this was unintentional and that the Beatles song was playing in the background when Eclipse’s closing snippet was recorded.

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Download the Pink Floyd Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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