Jamie Oliver Timeline

Jamie Oliver Timeline

This Sunday, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver turns 43. His rise to fame came at the age of 22, when he was noticed by the BBC after an unscripted appearance in a documentary about The River Café, where he was working as a sous chef. Shortly afterwards, he debuted as the host of the cooking show The Naked Chef, which ran for three seasons and three Christmas specials. His Mockney dialect, relaxed style and simplified approach to gourmet recipes won the viewers’ hearts and inspired more men to cook. After his break into television, the Clavering-born talent became an international phenomenon, starring into subsequent TV series, authoring several cookbooks and inaugurating multiple popular restaurant chains.

To celebrate Mr. Oliver’s 43rd birthday, we have created the Jamie Oliver Timeline, which illustrates important events, ventures and achievements in his life.

In addition to presenting successful TV cooking programs and launching his own line of cookware and restaurants, Jamie Oliver has also championed healthier eating habits for pupils in the UK. The show “Jamie’s School Dinners”, which documented his efforts to train a group of school cafeteria employees to prepare new and healthier dishes for students, helped him launch the campaign “Feed Me Better”. It advocated the improvement of the quality of food served in the UK’s schools and determined the British government to take measures in this respect, by increasing the amount spent on each school meal.

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