Great American Eclipse Timeline

Great American Eclipse Timeline

Today, August 21, 2017, the contiguous United States will witness a total solar eclipse for the first time since February 1979. The rare event has been dubbed “The Great American Eclipse” and can only be seen from North America. Although the partial eclipse will be visible from the whole continental US, only the states along the path of totality will be able to admire the moon blocking the sun completely. The path of totality will stretch on a thin band from Lincoln Beach, OR, to Charleston, SC, passing through portions of 14 states. To ensure you don’t miss the rare celestial spectacle, we have created a timeline of the event.

The Great American Eclipse Timeline illustrates the maximum eclipse times for some of the major towns and cities where the phenomenon will be best viewed. All times are displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). While the eclipse will first “touch” the continent at Lincoln Beach, OR, one of the best places in Oregon to watch it is considered to be Salem, where the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry organizes a viewing party at the State Fairgrounds. The sun will be completely obscured here at 17:18 UTC (10:18 am PDT).

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Download the Great American Eclipse Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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