How to make an event plan in PowerPoint.

If you have ever organized an event or had to make an event proposal you know it is important to build the event plan in Excel, so you can manage all the details.  However, when it comes time to view or present your event plan or event proposal Excel is not suitable because it lacks the ability to make a graphical timeline.  PowerPoint is a more suitable tool for building graphical timelines of your event plan, however doing so has been time-consuming and slow.  That’s changed with the free Office Timeline plug-in for PowerPoint.

Office Timeline is a free plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 that quickly makes your event timelines.  Using it to create, manage and present an event plan or event proposal is intuitive and simple.  It starts with a simple wizard for entering the key tasks and milestones of your event plan or you can paste those directly from Excel(requires Plus edition). Then with a mouse click your plan is turned into a beautifully laid out PowerPoint timeline slide.  Once created, it is easy to edit and share the slide so planners can keep their team and vendors updated on progress and changes.

Here’s how to make an event plan or event proposal in PowerPoint.  First download and install free Office Timeline from  Once installed it will add a tab to your PowerPoint ribbon for creating and editing timelines. To create a new event plan slide, follow the 4 steps below.

1 – Click New to launch the Office Timeline wizards which will guide you through a couple easy set-up and design steps.

2 – Select the type of event timeline you want from pre-designed templates, then click the Next arrow to begin entering your event plan.

3 – Add the key milestones of your event plan or event proposal, choose the color and style for each milestone marker and then hit the Next arrow.Evetn Plan Milestones

4 – Add the key tasks of your event plan or event proposal, choose the color and shape you would like for each of your task bands.Event Plan Tasks

Finished.  Click the green Check Box and Office Timeline will build your event plan or event proposal as a timeline on a PowerPoint slide which you easily update, change and share with others.Event PlanDownload Office Timeline Free Edition

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How to reposition Task Dates for a cleaner slide

Get a free license for Office Timeline

You have a lot to say when presenting your project timeline. The adage of too much information rings true as your slide is populated with titles and dates. (To change the timescale of your project’s timeband, see this blog on timeband scales.)

Follow these few steps to improve the clarity of the information on the slide.

1.Prepare your milestone and task data to create a project timeline that looks something like this for example.

2.Next, select Date Format on the Office Timeline ribbon to choose a more compact date style for your tasks (and milestones).

3.Finish adding clarity to the presentation slide by using the Task tools to split the dates and position the text above or below the task arrows.


Are you running the latest version? Check our Release Update site here .

Make a graphical itinerary template for travel documents

Whenever I meet folks in business segments I am unfamiliar with, I try to learn about their work and whether there are places our timeline maker could add value.  This was the case with a travel agent who was in business of putting high-end tours together.  I asked if she used some type of itinerary planner or itinerary template with her clients, and if I could see the travel itinerary for one of her tours.

It was a nicely assembled document with a lot of pretty pictures and blurbs about fantastic destinations.  Cleary a lot of work goes into preparing something that looked good, however I noticed it lacked a high level overview of the trip.  I thought about capturing her itinerary as a timeline and mentioned that Office Timeline could do that for her.  Specifically it would provide an itinerary planner an easy tool to make a graphical itinerary template for their client’s travel documents.

Itinerary planner

Office Timeline is a timeline maker that is embedded into PowerPoint, so using it to create, manage and present itinerary templates is intuitive and quick.  It starts with a simple wizard for entering travel dates and destinations or importing those events directly from Excel. Then with a push of a button this itinerary is turned into a graphical image which can be pasted into other documents  (see blog post pasting your timeline image into other documents).

Itinerary template

Although my friend did not use PowerPoint much I suggested it would be valuable in making itinerary templates that could be re-used.  She graciously volunteered to Office Timeline and give me feedback.

When we reconnected, I learned she did end up using it to make visual itineraries which she pasted as images into her customer’s travel documents.  Now here is the interesting thing I did not anticipate, she also found several other clever uses for Office Timeline.

She had this notion was that visual images of travel itineraries would be very easy to reference in the future.  Her idea was a portfolio of itinerary templates that would become a knowledge base of her work…very cool.

What excited her most was that it was simple to do and that accessing them graphically was considerably better than sorting through Word or Excel documents (see blog post on pasting itineraries from Excel into Office Timeline).  The other benefit of these itinerary templates was in selling and presenting new proposals.  She thought that presenting her work as visual images would be more engaging for her prospective clients.

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Easily share and collaborate with your project team

Office Timeline produces timelines as native PowerPoint objects, which means you can easily share them and collaborate on a timeline with your project team just as you would any other PowerPoint slide.

If you would like your project team to edit a timeline, add data, enhance it’s style or design new elements they can easily open it with Office Timeline Free Edition an begin collaborating right away.

  1.  Your colleagues, managers or customers can download the free edition of Office Timeline.  They can download here.
  2. Quickly share your timeline slide with your project team using the Email button on the Office Timeline ribbon and selecting Email PowerPoint slide as Attachment.Project Team

If your project team is using Excel or MS Project to track and manage project schedules, see this blog tip on how you can easily import data from Excel:  Importing Data

Are you running the latest version?  Check our Release Update site here.

Pasting your timeline image into other documents

Office Timeline makes beautiful graphics which can be easily copied from PowerPoint and saved as an image which can be used in documents, emails or on your website.  Here’s how.

  1. From your timeline click the Email (or Share) button on the Office Timeline ribbon in PowerPoint and to drop down the menu. To copy your timeline select Copy Timeline to Clipboard. From here you can paste it anywhere using the regular paste function of your application.   Timeline Image
  2. To insert your timeline into email (Outlook) select Email Timeline as a Picture (image of timeline only) or Email Timeline Slide as a Picture (image of the entire slide).  These will launch a new Outlook message with the image inserted.  (you can copy this image from Outlook and save it or paste it elsewhere).Timeline Graphics

Are you running the latest version?  Check our Release Update site here.