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Timeline Examples

Your stakeholders are more likely to understand your project plans, operational processes and major events when they visualize them. Use these timeline examples to create accurate and convincing visuals that are the perfect addition to your important presentations, roadmaps, or business proposals. Download and edit the samples manually in PowerPoint or use the to update them with just a few clicks.

Clinical Timeline Example
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Editable Timeline Samples for Enhanced Project Communication

Here on this page, we’ve put together a diverse range of timeline models that cover various use cases, including a project timeline sample, a business plan timeline example, a sample workplan and timeline, as well as an event timeline example.

Offering a done-for-you solution that can be easily customized, our premade samples help you save considerable time and effort in planning your projects, tracking activities, or visualizing important events and milestones.

Project Timeline
Project Timeline Example

Free simple project timeline example to easily visualize all the critical project actions, deadlines and events from start to finish.

Project Management Timeline Example
Project Management Timeline

Generic project management timeline model with tasks organized in phases and timescale set in weeks.

Event Planning Timeline Example
Event Planning Timeline

An event timeline illustrating major activities and their deadlines on a single summary slide to help planners never lose sight of pending milestones.

Workplan Timeline Example
Workplan Timeline

A work plan timeline example for making a high-level presentation of how your strategy will be executed.

Business Plan Timeline Example
Business Plan Timeline

A dynamic timeline that uses color customization for milestones, tasks and KPIs to showcase synchronized efforts.

Historical Timeline Example
Historical Timeline

A static overview of a personality’s life that can serve as a model for other similar chronologies.


What is an example of a timeline?

Timelines are displays of events arranged in chronological order. An example of a timeline can be an overview of important events, a detailed agenda or itinerary, or a schedule of activities that conveys information such as milestones, due dates, and ongoing tasks for any project work.

Taking the form of a horizontal bar along which events and their associated dates are listed, a timeline illustrates the evolution of those items over a certain period of time. Useful across all industries, timelines can help visualize complex information in an easy-to-understand manner for various types of project work such as:

  • Developing a new product or service;

  • Organizing a meeting;

  • Acquiring a new or modified data system;

  • Implementing a new business process.

What types of timeline are there?

Depending on the nature of the data you want to illustrate, there can be several types of timelines ranging from horizontal to vertical, interactive to static, historical chronologies to project roadmaps and cross-functional swimlane diagrams.

To see the various forms that a timeline can take, browse our collection of timelines examples provided here. Choose the model you prefer, download it as a PowerPoint file, and effortlessly modify its setup to best fit the specifics of your work.

For more ideas, browse our library of timelines templates and discover an extensive series of professionally-designed timelines designed for different types of projects or industries.

Start making timelines now

Office Timeline is a free timeline maker that lets you update these timeline examples or build your own in seconds. Create stylish visuals in PowerPoint with the Office Timeline add-in or right in your browser with the timeline creator's web version.

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