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Task List Template

If you are working on a project, you probably have a long list of tasks to manage. The task list template was designed to provide an easy-to-view slide of all the tasks required to complete a project.

A task list is required for managing a series of tasks over a certain period of time. Managing them effectively requires placing a focus on every task on the list. Each task will need to be ordered according to its priority, time, resource availability and dependency on other tasks. The task list template was created to help individuals or teams manage their tasks effectively in a visual way.

Having a visual task list is a simpler way to accomplish tasks. Actual lists produced by spreadsheets or word processors are complicated to track and difficult to share with others. The task list template helps you arrange and order your task visually, so you can see which tasks are required to be done first. It will also keep track of important events and milestones.

Each task on your list can be assigned a start date and finish date in the template. You can also track each task’s progress by adding a percent complete indicator to illustrate how much of that task has been completed. And since the task list template is set on a time schedule, it is much easier for you, or anyone collaborating with you, to see the order of each task. Additionally, since it is visual, the task list template makes it easier to present in important communications.

The task template is a PowerPoint template so you can download and revise it with your own task list. You can also use the free PowerPoint add-in from Office Timeline which quickly does this for you and manages any future updates or changes to your list. Office Timeline Plus can important your task list from Excel and it will quickly convert it into a task management slide like this template.

Updating your template is simple and fast.

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