Samsung Galaxy S Series Timeline

Released on April 21 in the US and hitting the shelves worldwide starting April 28, the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 is already getting praises. With record-breaking pre-order sales and positive critical reception, the S8 appears to be a home run. However, there are a number of issues cropping up as well, such as red-tinted screens, problems with the Device Quality Agent, and iris scanner fails – thankfully, no exploding batteries yet.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Timeline

Time will tell whether the new Galaxy phone will be a smash hit or face the same fate as the fiery Note 7. Meanwhile, we will let the future worry about itself, while we take a look back at the past and scan the Galaxy S series’ evolution throughout the years.

The Samsung Galaxy S Timeline is a chronological round-up of all major releases in the company’s flagship smartphone line, from the very first model, launched in 2010, to the fresh-out-of-the-oven S8. Samsung Galaxy S was a monster for its time, but it was not perfect by any means. The S2, the thinnest phone in the world at the time of its release, was the first in the series to cause a big splash in the mobile industry.

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