This free project schedule template was designed to present critical project schedules to clients and executives in a fresh and impressive way. Traditional project schedules can be complicated visuals that are overwhelming, uninspiring and too complex to explain. Presenting a typical project schedule to executives, clients or other stakeholders will risk quickly losing their interest. The project schedule template will keep them engaged because it is simple to understand and easy for them to follow.

In most industries managing a project requires the development of a project schedule based on a breakdown of the work, or a work breakdown structure. The work breakdown structure will estimate the effort, time and resources needed to achieve the project’s objectives. This is turned into the project schedule. Typical project schedules are made up of a long list of tasks, each accompanied with a start date and finish date. They can quickly turn into complicated visuals that are difficult to read.

The free project schedule was created to make simple project visuals that engage audiences. This project schedule template can be edited directly in PowerPoint or you can use Office Timeline’s free project scheduler tool for PowerPoint to automatically customize the template.

Office Timeline is a free timeline maker add-in that will make your project schedule in a few clicks from inside PowerPoint. Since project schedules need to be updated constantly, the project scheduler also makes it really easy to add or remove items from your schedule or change dates on the fly. Office Timeline Plus also integrates with other project management tools like Microsoft Project, so importing your existing project data and transforming it instantly into a PowerPoint project schedule happens in seconds.

Editing this template manually in PowerPoint or using the free Office Timeline project schedule tool to make your project schedule will produce a simpler, fresher looking project schedule that will stand out in important meetings and executive presentations.