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Hourly Schedule Template

This free hourly schedule template allows you to efficiently plan your time by the hour, turning all your tasks into a neatly arranged and powerful visual. It is designed as an hourly Gantt chart, which means it can easily manage overlapping tasks, while providing a clear, simple-to-understand view of all planned activities in an instant.

With the hourly schedule template, you can organize a sequence of tasks or milestones for projects and events on and hourly timescale, without having to spend time designing and creating a schedule. Simply download the hourly planner, and use PowerPoint to customize it for a clean, professional-looking and well-organized schedule.

The hourly schedule template is easily editable, shareable and printable. You can tweak it yourself in PowerPoint or use the free hourly schedule maker from Office Timeline. It is an hourly schedule builder that plugs into PowerPoint and helps planners create impressive, straightforward visuals for project management, scheduling, or status reports.

The slide can be used for plans that are less than 60 minutes or it can span across multiple hours, to create a 24-hour schedule template. Once downloaded, modify its color, style, and font with any of PowerPoint’s controls, or automatically update the schedule with the Office Timeline plug-in. It provides hourly planning features inside PowerPoint, so editing this template or creating new charts is fast and simple.

The hourly schedule should be used in any project planning, status reviews or project reporting scenario. It can also be used for tracking events and visualizing agendas such as training or class schedules. The template was designed natively in PowerPoint and provide users an alternative to creating new PowerPoint visuals themselves, or building schedules charts in Microsoft Excel which can become complicated.

If data is already in Microsoft Excel, use Office Timeline to import those hourly schedules and instantly transform them into PowerPoint visual. Office Timeline can also add other scheduling and styling options to this template, such as displaying hourly progress, displaying task duration, color coding interdependent items, adjusting task spacing to make room for extra details or changing the schedule’s position on the slide.

Updating your template is simple and fast.

Use the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in to quickly update any of these timeline templates or create your own project visuals. Easily change the texts, dates, colors, shapes and styles of your timeline, right from inside PowerPoint.

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