Quickly make a Pharmaceutical timeline slide in PowerPoint

In pharmaceutical and in clinical trials, making and presenting professional, high-level pharmaceutical timelines to big pharma management or pharmaceutical agencies is essential.  The pharmaceutical industry needs and depends on clear project timelines and Gantt charts that can be easily presented in PowerPoint so manufacturing plans and decisions can be made efficiently and effectively. The post below shows how to easily build and update a clinical trial timeline or pharmaceutical project timeline slide, right from PowerPoint, with a free PowerPoint add-in.
Pharmaceutical timeline or clinical trial timeline

Creating a pharmaceutical timeline or clinical trial timeline slide has been painful.

Creating a pharmaceutical timeline slide or gantt chart slide with the project software used in pharmaceutical manufacturing has been difficult. Heavyweight project applications do not have simple tools to create high-level project reviews needed for important presentations. They produce overly complex Gantt charts and timelines which are not suitable for clinical trial presentations or pharmaceutical manufacturing project reviews to management and agency executives.

On the other hand, tools like Microsoft Visio and Excel are time consuming because they are not automated for making the type of professional looking pharmaceutical timeline or clinical trial timeline that management expects to see.   This is further complicated as a clinical trial timeline or pharmaceutical timeline frequently needs updating when schedules change, requiring a complete rebuild of the timeline.

Finally, stand-alone timeline maker or timeline generator solutions are not integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint, making them difficult to share and present, and also inflexible when multiple team members need to collaborate on a timeline.

Office Timeline is a lightweight PowerPoint add-in that solves these problems.

Office Timeline makes it easy to create clinical trial timeline or pharmaceutical timeline slides, suitable for high-level presentations, proposals and project reviews.  It was created to make it very simple to design, build and update professional looking pharmaceutical timeline slides for reviews to executives and management.  Since it is a lightweight PowerPoint add-in, it can build clinical trial timeline slides natively in PowerPoint which means they are easy to edit, communicate and share with other project stakeholders.

See how it easily makes Pharmaceutical Timeline and Clinical Trial timeline slides

Here is a quick look at how it works. Download and install Office Timeline from here.  Once installed it will add an Office Timeline tab to your PowerPoint ribbon (see image below). Click New to launch the Office Timeline wizard which will guide you through a couple easy set-up and design steps.Timeline maker add-in for PowerPoint 1Select the type of gantt chart or timeline slide you want to build from several style types offered, then click the Next arrow to enter your pharmaceutical or clinical trial project schedule and to begin customize it.Timeline maker add-in for PowerPoint New Wizard

2. Enter the key project milestones and tasks of your Pharmaceutical Timeline andset their dates or durations (in the Office Timeline Plus edition you can paste schedules directly from excel).  Make some optional style choices such as changing the color or shape for each item.  When you have finished click the Next arrow to choose customizations for your Pharmaceutical manufacturing slide.Timeline maker Milestone Wizard in PowerPoint

Timeline Maker Task Wizard in PowerPoint

3. Make stylistic and design choices for how you want Milestones, Tasks, Timeband, and Scaling to show on a Pharmaceutical timeline or Clinical Trial timeline, then click the green Check to build your slide.Timeline Maker Style Wizard in PowerPoint

You are done and now have a professional looking pharmaceutical manufacturing timeline or clinical trial timeline slide that will stand out in high-level presentations. At any time, you can make changes to the slide by simply clicking on the Milestone, Task or Style buttons on the ribbon. This will re-access the wizards so you can quickly update your pharmaceutical project or clinical trial data, and easily change any of the design choices you made. Office Timeline will instantly rebuild your slide with those changes.Pharmaceutical timeline or clinical trial timeline

Download Office Timeline Free Edition

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Quickly turn project data into professional timelines

Build stunning, uncomplicated timelines and Gantt charts that are easy to make and simple to communicate. Get the advanced features of Office Timeline Plus free for 14 days.


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