Make professional timelines with ease

Get the full version of Office Timeline Plus for 14 days

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Create timelines that executives expect…in a few simple clicks

From small businesses to large multinationals, audiences love to see clear,
easy-to-understand timelines and Gantt charts.

Import your existing data

With integration into Microsoft Excel and others, Office Timeline Plus
transforms existing data into beautiful PowerPoint timelines.

Make unforgettable timelines

Create impressive slides that stand out in important meetings. Office Timeline
makes unique timelines that are simple to understand and hard to ignore.

Save time and do more

Create beautiful project slides in a few seconds. Office Timeline powerfully
makes timelines as fast as customers and executives need them.

Get the full version of Office Timeline Plus for 14 days

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Requires Microsoft
Windows & PowerPoint
Office Timeline, Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Bellevue, WA