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Gantt chart examples

Customers and executives want clear project visuals. Use these Gantt chart examples to make professional-looking presentations that draw attention and are easy to follow. Download and edit the samples manually in PowerPoint or use the Office Timeline Gantt chart maker to update them effortlessly.

Gantt Chart Example
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Editable Gantt chart samples and project visuals for professionals

Project Management Gantt Chart Example
PM Gantt chart

Generic project management Gantt chart example with sub-tasks and a timescale set to weeks.

Project Planning Gantt Chart Sample
Project Planning

Modern project planning Gantt chart sample highlighting important tasks and key project milestones.

5 Year Gantt Chart Example
5 Year Plan

Summary Gantt chart for long-term plans or roadmaps. Includes Today marker and timescale set in quarters.

IT Project Management Gantt Chart Example
IT Planning

Gantt chart example for IT project management. Uses a modern theme and color codes to show task status.

Program Management Gantt Chart Sample
Program Management

High-level program management Gantt chart with thin task bars. Shows enough detail while avoiding complexity.

Action Plan Gantt Chart Example
Action Plan

Gantt example showing only key activities. It highlights the current date and time elapsed to see status easily.

Agile Gantt Chart Sample
Agile Gantt Chart

Generic Gantt chart sample with timescale set in days and tasks split into phases for Agile project management.


Gantt-style roadmap for project and product planning. Task are grouped by work streams for easy tracking.

Project Overview Gantt Chart Sample
Project Overview

Eye-catching Gantt chart sample for professionals to provide visual support in project reviews or proposals.


Start making Gantt charts now

Office Timeline is a free Gantt chart tool that lets you update these Gantt examples or build your own in seconds. Create stylish visuals in PowerPoint with the Office Timeline add-in or right in your browser with the Gantt chart maker's web version.

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