The FIFA World Cup Winners Timeline

Fifa World cup Winners Timeline

The FIFA World Cup, the international competition contested by men’s national association football teams and awarded once every four years, is at its 21st tournament and in full swing. The inaugural edition of the world’s most prestigious sporting event was played in Uruguay in July 1930. Not only did the South American country host the championship, but it also won the first World Cup trophy. Presently hosted by Russia, the 2018 tournament is the first one to take place on two continents - Europe and Asia – and also the first one to be held in Eastern Europe.

As the quarter-finals of the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup loom large and the number of contestants slims down to soon unravel this year’s champion, we have created the FIFA World Cup Winners timeline to recap all the victors throughout the history of the competition since its debut.

Out of the total of 20 tournaments played so far, Brazil holds the most titles with five trophies won, Germany and Italy being close behind with a number of four each. For the 1930 World Cup only 13 teams entered the competition, while the current format includes 32 competing nations. It has been announced that the number of contenders will jump to 48 in 2026.

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Download the FIFA World Cup Winners timeline for PowerPoint here.

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