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Daily Schedule Template

We are always on the lookout for ways to efficiently prioritize and plan our daily tasks to make the most of our time. It can be hard to keep track and solve everything: important tasks might be forgotten, appointments missed, and you feel overwhelmed by trying to remember everything you need to do. A daily schedule planner can be a lifesaver to help you get all your ducks in a row and complete in time everything on your list.

This downloadable and printable daily schedule template was designed as an impressive visual for important meetings or schedules. It was created in PowerPoint so it can be easily printed in full color, shared in emails and documents or included in any presentation. The daily schedule template is displayed graphically as an hourly Gantt chart, rather than as a list or a spreadsheet, so it is easier for readers to check the calendar at a glance.

How the daily schedule template can help

Most daily schedules provide a list-based layout on a vertical timescale, where appointments and events are booked according to their times. These are difficult to view and cannot manage any schedule overlapping. This free daily schedule template was created in a Gantt style so it can be easily read from left to right, providing a simpler way of seeing schedules.

The template can be downloaded and edited in PowerPoint. Any object, color, shape or font style can be customized to suite your needs. It was designed and created with the Office Timeline plug-in for PowerPoint. Office Timeline is a daily schedule maker that will automatically update this template with your calendar time and details, as well as provide a wide variety of styles and templates for quickly creating new calendars, or changing your exiting one on-the-fly.

The template can be used for presenting or communicating the daily or weekly calendar at conferences, off-sites, team meetings and other business or community gatherings. It can also be used to map your daily or weekly calendar or to plan work shifts. Office Timeline can edit this template with any day of any year. You can use it to show part or all of a daily agenda, and to create timeslots scaled down to minutes if you need calendars or schedules that have very specific times.

The day schedule is a native PowerPoint slide and is easily shareable with team members, meeting participants and other audience members who have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint. Anyone with PowerPoint can open, edit, update and print the template or include it in their own communications and presentations. PowerPoint schedules and calendars can be created in any style and customized to perfectly match a company’s themes and colors.

Frequently asked questions about daily schedules

See what people ask about daily schedules and check out our answers.

How do I create a daily schedule in Excel?

Here are two easy ways to create a daily schedule in Excel:

  1. Use a template.
    There are some pre-made templates in Excel that you can use to create a daily schedule. You can access these templates by clicking on File and selecting New. Then, just type "daily schedule" in the search bar and choose a template that fits your needs. Templates are a good starting point, but you might need to adjust them according to your needs and the uses of your schedule.

  2. Create your own scheduling tool.
    To create your own daily schedule, open a new Excel workbook and create a table. Include columns as needed, for example Time, Activity, Duration.

Here's how a basic daily schedule could look in Excel:

Example of daily schedule in Excel

Include any parameters that are associated with your tasks. For example, if there are multiple locations associated with your work tasks, include a Location column.

Does Excel have a daily planner?

Excel does not come with a built-in daily planner, but you can create one yourself or use the pre-built templates available online that you can download and customize to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can search for daily planner templates online that are designed specifically for use with Excel. For instance, the daily schedule template on this page, created with the timeline maker from Office Timeline, can be used with data from Excel, either by importing data from Excel or a simple copy-paste from Excel.

How do I create a daily schedule in Word?

You can create a very basic daily schedule in Word by opening a new document and creating a table with the days of the week and the times of day you want to schedule. For this, go to Insert > Table and select the number of rows and columns you need for your schedule. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll be able to make changes later, add rows or columns, and merge or split cells. Create rows for your tasks and columns for the time of day or any other parameters you need to associate with each task. Add headings to the first row of the table, such as "Task", "Time", "Duration" etc. Finally, adjust the size of the table by dragging the borders of the cells until it fits your desired layout and customize your daily schedule by using different formatting options, as needed.

How do I create a daily schedule in Google Sheets?

To create a daily schedule in Google Sheets, you can:

  1. Use a template.
    Google Sheets offers some templates for creating schedules, so you can browse through them and select one that suits your needs. Go to and click on Template gallery on the right.

    Find schedule template in Google Sheets

    Then choose the Schedule template that you’ll find in the templates gallery. Customize it as needed.

  2. Build your own schedule in Google Sheets.
    Open a new Google Sheet document and create a table with the necessary number of rows and columns for your daily schedule. Enter your schedule information in the corresponding cells and adjust the formatting as needed. Additionally, you can use formulas and functions in Google Sheets to automate tasks and make your daily schedule more efficient.

Does Google have a daily planner?

Yes, Google has a daily planner called Google Calendar, a free online calendar service. Google Calendar is accessible from any device with an internet connection, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can use Google Calendar to create and manage events and set up notifications, appointments and reminders. You can also share your calendar with other people and sync it with other applications and services.

How do I make a daily schedule on my computer?

Depending on your needs and the tools you have at hand, there are multiple ways to make a daily schedule on your computer. Here are some suggestions of tools you can use in order to make a daily schedule:

  • Calendar app
    Most computers come with a built-in calendar app that you can use to schedule your day. Some popular calendar apps include Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can create events, set reminders, and even invite others to join your events.

  • Spreadsheet program
    Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are pretty good tools to make a daily schedule. You’ll just need to create a table with the hours of the day in the first column and the tasks to be completed in the first row.

  • Word processing program
    You can create a daily schedule in a program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs by creating a table and entering the hours of the day and tasks to be completed.

  • Professional timeline maker
    With a professional timeline tool like the Office Timeline add-in for PowerPoint, you can automatically generate in minutes a professional-looking timeline that can be easily used as a daily schedule tool. It offers a variety of customization options and can be exported to different file formats for sharing or printing.

What is the best daily schedule tool?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as the best daily schedule tool depends on personal preferences and needs. However, there are some features that are considered necessary for a good schedule tool. So, look for a tool that:

  • is easy to use and intuitive, with a simple interface that allows you to quickly add and edit events or tasks;

  • is accessible on multiple devices, such as computer or smartphone, to ensure that you can stay organized no matter where you are;

  • allows you to set reminders and notifications to help you stay on track. Thus, you won’t miss important appointments or deadlines;

  • allows you to share your schedule with others, whether that's a coworker or a family member;

  • is customizable to fit your individual needs and preferences, ensuring the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Ultimately, the best daily schedule tool is one that meets your specific needs and that you find easy and enjoyable to use.

How do I create a daily calendar in Google Calendar?

Here is how you can create a daily calendar in Google Calendar:

  • Create events
    Simply create events for each task or activity you want to schedule. To do this, go to, click on the day and time slot where you want to create the event and enter the details of your event in the pop-up window (title, date, time, location etc). You can set the start and end times, add notes or descriptions, and set reminders to help keep you on track. If you want to make the event recurring, select the Repeat option and choose the frequency and duration of the recurrence.

  • Create time blocks
    Create a time block on your calendar for each activity or task you want to schedule. To create time blocks in Google Calendar, go to, click on the day and time slot where you want to create the time block and then, in the pop-up window, enter a title for the time block, such as "Work". Finish by setting the start and end times for the time block by selecting the appropriate options in the date and time section. If you want the time block to recur on a regular basis, select the Repeat option and choose the frequency and duration of the recurrence.

Create time blocks in Google Calendar

You can customize the time block with a specific color, add notes or descriptions, and set reminders as needed. This is a useful method for planning your day in advance and visualizing how your time is allocated.

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