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🎉 Introducing Jira import in Office Timeline

Discover the new Jira import functionality in Office Timeline, our latest integration with popular third-party PM tools.

Jul 14, 2023

5 min read

Hi, I’m Tim Stumbles, the CEO and co-founder of Office Timeline, a SaaS business that wants to help project management professionals take their project meetings to a whole new level – one where project planning, communication, and management is effective, easy, and highly visual.

In this blog post, it is my pleasure to present you with the Jira import functionality which was implemented in the newest edition of Office Timeline.


Project managers in charge of complex initiatives and teams often need to juggle multiple systems in order to effectively handle and present their project data to various stakeholders. While some tools like Jira support detailed centralization and tracking of planned activities, others work best to ensure visibility and clear communication of the various tasks under way.

However, finding the perfect balance between all these types of software when having to oversee so many aspects can become a strain on a project manager’s life. It is this pain point that our brand-new Jira import feature comes to resolve. As with all the customer suggestions that we’ve implemented before, we tried to find an optimal and exciting way to enhance your project management capabilities to the max.

Easy Jira integration

So, we’re pleased to announce the seamless integration between our visual project planner Office Timeline and the highly popular Jira platform. Now you can effortlessly synchronize all tasks, issues, and updates between the two and forget about the inconvenience of toggling between tabs or losing critical details in the process.

Top 6 benefits of the new Jira integration feature

Let’s see what benefits you get to enjoy with this newly released functionality.

1. Enhanced visibility into a project

Using the Office Timeline add-in’s Jira import feature, you can bring data directly from the projects or boards you have in Jira Software, Work Management or Service Management, and transform it into an intuitive and visually appealing timeline in PowerPoint. Turning Jira issues into items clearly outlined on a stylish, high-level visual helps provide a holistic view of project progress, milestones, and dependencies. This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks, anticipate risks, and optimize resource allocation.

2. Streamlined workflow

Automatically importing data from Jira projects or boards into the add-in spares you the effort of manually entering information each time you want to visualize a different project. It enables you to quickly sync tasks, issues, and updates whenever changes occur to the initial workflows and ensures that your associated timelines remain up-to-date in real time, which reduces the chances of errors or discrepancies when managing several initiatives.

Office Timeline import wizard showing option to select the Jira projects to import

3. Real-time project tracking

With the ability to import data from Jira into the add-in and refresh your PowerPoint timeline from the original source, you can track project progress as often as needed. Any updates or changes made in Jira, such as task completion or modified deadlines, can be quickly reflected on your graphic. This provides an accurate and up-to-date representation of the project’s status, allowing for timely decision-making and progress monitoring.

Office Timeline screen that shows how the app compares Jira data to refresh

4. Improved collaboration

The integration between the Office Timeline add-in and Jira facilitates enhanced collaboration among team members. The resulting shared and interactive timeline allows you to include swimlanes and sub-swimlanes to lay out cross-functional operations more effectively. 

What’s even better, you can also leverage the Jira import function of the Office Timeline’s web version to take teamwork to the next level. With this feature, you can seamlessly create Jira roadmaps online that can be shared with others so they can see your plan and change, edit or update it.

This collaborative and synchronized approach ensures that stakeholders and team members easily understand project progress and receive valuable insights at a glance. This fosters better communication, aligns team members, and promotes collaboration for successful project delivery.

Gif showing how to map data from Jira during the import into Office Timeline

5. Efficient resource management

The high-level visuals that you generate based on your Jira imported data gives you a comprehensive overview of resource allocation and use. Having a bird’s eye view of Jira workflows, you can identify potential resource conflicts, optimize workloads, and ensure that the right resources are allocated at the right time. In the end, this leads to maximizing productivity and minimizing delays.

Office Timeline screen showing workflows organized on swimlanes

6. Effective planning and decision-making

Having your Jira data visually represented on a single PowerPoint slide allows you to make informed decisions and plan more effectively. Being able to easily analyze dependencies and identify critical paths, you can better foresee potential risks or delays. This enables you to adjust project schedules, set realistic expectations, and make informed, data-driven decisions to keep projects on track.

Project visual made by importing data from Jira into Office Timeline

See it in action

In conclusion, the new integration between Office Timeline and Jira offers professionals a powerful solution that makes their project management game even stronger. Allowing one to easily import Jira data and refresh the resulting timelines whenever changes occur, the add-in transforms complex project details into a clear, easy-to-follow visual output, which ultimately leads to:

  • Better visibility into the project;
  • Streamlined workflows;
  • Project tracking in real time;
  • Enhanced collaboration;
  • Effective planning and decision-making.

Here’s a quick video overview of how the Jira integration works:

Play Video

Next steps

To take the Jira integration for a test run, just download and install the free trial of Office Timeline. If you already have a paid license, all you have to do is download the latest version of the software and you’ll have instant access to this new functionality at no additional cost.

With this integration, project managers can navigate complex projects with ease, optimize productivity, and achieve successful project outcomes. Say goodbye to the challenges of managing multiple systems and embrace a new level of efficiency and visual clarity in project management.

Tim is Co-Founder & CEO of Office Timeline, a Seattle-based start-up that aims to rid the world of boring, uninspiring meetings.

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