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How to make Jira roadmaps online

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Jira with online roadmap makers for clear and compelling presentations. Our latest blog post guides you through the process, helping you find the perfect fit for your project needs

Feb 9, 2024

15 min read

Import Jira data into online roadmap maker

In project management, clearly communicating and presenting project roadmaps is key to bringing teams and stakeholders together. Although Jira is a popular and reliable platform for strategic planning, many find the need to integrate Jira with presentation tools to enhance the roadmap experience for stakeholders.

Given that there are many such alternatives for presenting Jira roadmaps, you may need some help to speed up the process of finding a best fit for your needs. Therefore, we created this blog post to guide you through the creation and presentation of Jira roadmaps with an online roadmap maker.

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Benefits of integrating Jira with an online roadmap maker

From extra-complicated views to constantly switching between apps, conventional Jira roadmap presentations come with plenty of challenges. As a result, project and program managers increasingly need complementary tools like a user-friendly online roadmap maker to get their point across.

Stakeholders, particularly Delivery Managers, seek a quick and comprehensive overview of project status without getting bogged down by the small details of every ticket. This is where Office Timeline Online comes into play as your ally in simplifying the presentation of Jira roadmaps.

Here are the main advantages of using Office Timeline Online in tandem with Jira:

1. Streamlined visualization

Office Timeline Online provides an intuitive platform to transform your Jira data into highly visual and easily digestible roadmaps that you can present instantly or download as PowerPoint slides and include them in your deck. The tool helps you simplify complex project plans, allowing stakeholders to grasp the overall status at a glance. And all you need is an internet connection and a browser

Download a roadmap as a PowerPoint slide

2. Data optimization

The easy-to-use integration allows you to seamlessly import your Jira data into Office Timeline Online, which leads to improvement and refinement of the data presentation process. In the long run, this results in more efficient and effective roadmaps for project management purposes.

Jira import wizard in Office Timeline Online

3. Time-saving customization

The tool’s powerful engine provides an avenue for further customization, enabling you to tailor the visuals according to your audience’s preferences. Overall, you end up saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually crafting presentations.

Free online roadmap maker

How to bring Jira data into Office Timeline Online

To begin crafting your Jira roadmap in Office Timeline Online, follow a few simple steps, detailed in our support article on how to import from Jira into Office Timeline Online:

  1. Set up your Jira data for importing.
  2. Connect to Jira and authorize access to your site.
  3. Select your data source and filter your data.
  4. Map your Jira data for importing.
  5. Select which rows to import and click Import.

Once your Jira data is imported, leverage the customization features of Office Timeline Online to personalize your visuals and align them with the specific needs of your stakeholders. Highlight key milestones, group deliverables, assign tasks and easily add statuses to create a roadmap that tells a compelling story.

As a bonus, Office Timeline Online also helps you to:

  • keep your visuals up-to-date with ease – When your data shifts in Jira, clicking a single button in Office Timeline Online is all it takes to refresh your Jira imports and seamlessly update your visual.
  • save time styling with templatesimporting your Jira data directly into a template not only ensures a neat, standard format that you can repurpose for later use, but also saves you styling time. Explore Office Timeline Online’s gallery, choose a template that suits your vibe, hit Import, and select Jira. It’s that simple!

How to customize your roadmap with Office Timeline Online

Beyond the basic import of Jira data, Office Timeline Online comes with robust customization tools that allow for:

Visual styling

Using Office Timeline Online’s powerful functionalities, you can simultaneously to adjust the color schemes, fonts, and styles to match your corporate branding or to convey a specific mood. A visually appealing roadmap captures attention and enhances engagement during presentations.

How to customize items using the Style Pane

Granular detailing

Use the online app’s features to add additional context to your timeline. Include notes or annotations to provide stakeholders with a more profound understanding of each milestone or phase.

How to add notes in Office Timeline Online

Seamless collaboration

Office Timeline Online fosters collaboration by allowing real-time edits and updates. By being able to share and collaborate on a timeline, you make sure that your visual is always current, reflecting the latest project developments.

Collaboration options in Office Timeline Online


In the dynamic landscape of project management, the ability to present Jira roadmaps effectively is a game-changer. The integration of Jira with Office Timeline Online not only addresses the challenges posed by conventional means but also elevates the presentation experience for project managers and stakeholders alike.

By seamlessly importing Jira data and offering robust customization options, Office Timeline Online emerges as an effective tool in visualizing strategic plans that drive project success.

FAQs about creating Jira roadmaps online

Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have about the creation of Jira roadmaps with Office Timeline Online.

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