Honda Motor Timeline

Honda Motor Timeline

Founded in post-war Japan by motorcycle builder and car enthusiast Soichiro Honda, the Honda Motor Company marks its 69th anniversary this year on September 24. Today, the multinational corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles, automobiles and combustion engines in the world, most probably due to its emphasis on affordability and eco-friendly products. To celebrate the company’s birthday, we have created a timeline of its evolution and achievements throughout the years.

The Honda Motor Co. Timeline marks some of the major milestones and events in the history of the corporation, from its birth to present times.

Founder Soichiro Honda had been tinkering with machines and engines for a few years already by the time he incorporated the company on September 24, 1948. Before the corporation was born, he first opened the Honda Technical Research Institute, to build improvised motorized bicycles based on a supply of war surplus radio generator engines. The bikes ran on turpentine and were hugely successful, as people desperately needed a way to get around in post-war Japan, where there was no real public transit and virtually no gasoline. In two years, Soichiro liquidated the Technical Research Institute and used the resulting funds to incorporate the Honda Motor Company.

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