Carl Sagan Timeline

Carl Sagan Timeline

Today, planetary scientist, cosmologist and pop-culture icon Carl Sagan would have turned 84. Best known for his work as a science popularizer and communicator in astronomy and other natural sciences, he brought a significant contribution to the field through his research on extraterrestrial life and was the one to assemble the first physical messages sent into space.

To bring an homage to the creator of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, the most popular series in American public television, we have built the Carl Sagan Timeline, which overviews his life and achievements.

Promoting the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and pioneering exobiology - the scientific field concerned with the origin and evolution of life in the universe - Carl Sagan explained space in its perplexing glory like no one did before. Having served as an astronomy professor at Cornell University for almost 30 years, authored a plethora of academic papers and books, and worked on NASA's robotic missions, he built an astonishing career and became the face of science itself for many in America.

Almost two decades after his death, Mr. Sagan is still rememberd for his candid enthusiasm towards the vast and deeply humbling universe we are so lucky to live in and is fondly reffered to as the gatekeeper of scientific credibility by his fans.

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Download the Carl Sagan Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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