Apple Iphone Timeline

apple iphone models timeline

The world is split in two when it comes to iPhones. With each new release announced by Apple, passionate iPhone users worldwide eagerly line-up to be among the first to get the latest model – and there are just as many who passionately express disgust towards the brand. Despite the controversy surrounding it, one thing is certain: the iPhone has played an iconic role in the history of the smartphone. So let’s see what the history of the iPhone looks like on a timeline.

The iPhone Timeline illustrates the development of the iPhone product line, pinpointing all releases from the first generation model up until 2017, which marks the 10-year anniversary of the brand. In addition, it also displays a bar-chart comparison of the top 5 fastest selling models, based on the number of units sold within 3 days after launch. iPhone 7 data was inconclusive and not included in the top 5 chart.

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