Apple Inc Timeline

Apple Timeline

This Sunday, on the 1st of April, multinational technology giant Apple Inc. celebrates 42 years of existence. Initially targeting the computer hardware and software market, the enterprise was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne with the purpose of developing and selling Apple I, Wozniak’s personal computer model. Gradually expanding its range of products to consumer electronics and online services, it took the pioneering venture less than half a century to become the world’s largest IT company by revenue and the second largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung.

To wish happy anniversary to the creators of game-changing devices like the Mac, iPhone and iPod, lets retrace the major milestones of their journey since establishment till present.

The Apple Inc. Timeline overviews the important events in the history of the business, including releases of their main products and services. The identity behind one of the world’s most profitable brands emerged in the garage of Steve Jobs’ childhood home, after he came up with the idea of selling Steve Wozniak’s hand-built computer Apple 1. To finance the creation of the device, Jobs sold his VW Kombi van and Wozniak his HP-65 calculator. The prototype was released on the 11th of April 1976, demonstrated 4 months later at the Homebrew Computer Club, and sold at the introductory price of $666 (the equivalent of $2,867 in 2017).

Four years after its foundation, Apple Computer Inc. went public at $22 per share, which generated the greatest capital that any IPO had done since Ford Motor Company in 1956, making 300 people millionaires overnight. Throughout its activity, the company has seen numerous executive job shuffles, with all three co-founders leaving the board in the early stages and only Jobs to return in 1997 and oversee the rebuilding and consolidation of Apple’s status.

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