Make impressive Gantt charts
that everyone can understand

PowerPoint timeline maker for important meetings

  • Intuitive add-in that works inside PowerPoint
  • Stunning project visuals without the effort.
  • Project slides that are familiar & easy to share
  • Automatically updates slides when plans change
  • Import and sync data from Microsoft Project & Excel
9.1 out of 10 rating for Office Timeline (3285 reviews)
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1 Million professionals use Office Timeline for client and executive communications

I am constantly required to provide executive-level views of project plans in an uncomplicated way. Office Timeline Plus makes vibrant, easy to understand Gantt charts, and the import and sync functionality make it a must-have application in my project toolkit.
Kegan Copas, Program Lead at SQWARE PEG

Save time

Link & sync existing data to create timelines in seconds.

Import Microsoft Project files or Excel data with Office Timeline Plus Edition and instantly get beautiful PowerPoint slides. Keep your timelines updated by syncing them with the click of a button whenever your Excel or Project data changes.
1. Your data in Excel
Manage your project data in Excel as you always do.
2. Import into Office Timeline
Browse to your Excel project with the Import Wizard.
3. Beautiful PowerPoint timeline
Instantly get your timeline and sync to update it.
Copy & paste project data
from Microsoft Excel
for quick timeline creation.
1. Your data in Project
Manage schedules in Microsoft Project as you always do.
2. Import into Office Timeline
Browse to your Project file with the Import Wizard.
3. Beautiful PowerPoint timeline
Instantly get a Project timeline and sync to update it.

Stand Out

Impress clients & execs with unforgettable timelines

Office Timeline Plus Edition comes with pre-designed templates that are elegant, professional and hard to ignore. More styles and more templates means you can give them something distinctive, sophisticated and easy to understand…every time.

Communicate better

Present the right amount of detail and share it in the most familiar way.

Create uniquely customized timelines with over 50 Office Timeline Plus Edition features that will deliver the right message in the right way. Tailor everything about your timeline so it is exactly as you want it to be and precisely as they need it to be.
  • 25 milestone and task shapes
    Plus Edition lets you choose from a wide selection of shapes so your timeline will be unique and impactful.
  • Hours and Minutes
    Plus Edition creates timelines, Gantt charts and daily schedules scaled down to hours or minutes.
  • Percentage complete & duration
    Show critical details clients and executives are expecting, such as percent complete and task duration.
  • Customize fonts & colors
    Plus Edition lets you format text with font, size, color and other styles so you can create the perfect timeline.
  • Create your own custom templates
    Save your styling preferences as a template so that you can build impressive visuals even faster and easier.
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Stand out and impress your customers, colleagues and managers.

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$59 Business, 1 Year License