Stan Lee Timeline

Stan Lee Timeline

On November 12, 2018, comics book legend Stan Lee died in Los Angeles, aged 95, from pneumonia complications. By creating iconic characters such as Spider-man, the X-Men and Black Panther, not only did he turn the small division of pulp magazines for which he was working into the well-known brand Marvel Comics, but he also contributed to superhero movies becoming the lifeblood of the blockbuster industry.

To pay tribute to the one who has revolutionized the superhero archetype and was a pioneering force in this niche, we have created the Stan Lee Timeline, which highlights important life events and some of his most enduring characters.

In collaboration with other artists, Mr. Lee introduced superheroes with a more humane and flawed identity that challenged the standards of the idealistically perfect figures that populated the comics magazines of pre-Marvel era. Thus, these figures would struggle with everyday worries like paying rent or wondering about their purpose in life. They would have fits of bad temper, melancholy or vanity. Endowing his characters with a more naturalistic personality, developing the first black heroes in the comics business and employing new methods of storytelling, the Marvel visionary ushered a new era and saw his work become a huge influence in the movie industry.

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