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Project Management conferences to look out for in 2024

Discover the most exciting Project Management conferences to attend in 2024 and get your free visual timeline of the PM events.

Jan 24, 2024

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Top project management conferences in 2024

2024 looks like an incredibly promising year for project management events. We’ve compiled a list of major project management conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclasses announced so far, so you can start planning your attendance and hopefully land some early bird tickets.

Project Management Conferences 2024: a visual timeline

We created the Project Management Conferences 2024 timeline to give you a quick rundown of the most significant global events, along with the location and schedule, if it was announced by the organizers. This visual was made with Office Timeline, a handy add-in for PowerPoint that could help you save a lot of time on your presentations.

Project management conferences 2024 timeline

Feel free to download it as a fully editable PowerPoint slide or static image and refer to it when planning what conference to attend.

NOTE: The details of certain conferences (AIPM, RPS) have yet to be disclosed by the organization committee. We will do our best to update the list as soon as we have additional information about the events.

1. Project Summit Business Analyst World (PMBA) 2024

Where and when: Orlando, FL, US, April 22 – April 24 | Toronto, ON, Canada May 25 – May 28, Washington, DC, US, May 6 – May 8

What to expect: The Project Summit Business Analyst World remains one of the largest conferences in entire North America and Canada. The events are held in late spring this year, in prestigious locations like the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld and The West Arlington Gateway. Book your stay as soon as possible to take part in the numerous educational sessions. You’ll be able to earn both PDUs and CDU-s while listening to expert guest speakers and participating in excellent hands-on workshops. 

How to register: Check out these links:

2. Change Management Global Connect 2024

Where and when: San Diego, CA, US, February 29 – March 2 | Virtual Event, June 11 – June 13

What to expect: This year’s San Diego CHG MGMT conference aims to answer questions about the scope of impact that change managers can have on change, and vice versa. Talks and workshops revolve around the skills required by leadership in a rapidly evolving business world and how to best prepare for the future.

The 2024 Virtual edition of the Change Management Global Connect – titled “The Future of Change is Now” focuses on AI and machine learning, VR, self-driving cars, wearable tech, and advanced robotics.

Registration pages: Coming soon

3. Resource Planning Summit (RPS) 2024

Where and when: TBD

What to expect: TBD

How to register: Coming soon

4. Global Scrum Gathering (GSG) 2024

Where and when: New Orleans, LA, US, May 19 – May 22

What to expect: Listed among the most significant events for the Agile community, the Global Scrum Gathering of 2024 will be hosted at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel. Take part in insightful sessions with leading experts like Heather McGowan and Dan Heath, get personalized coaching and career services, and grow your network over the course of this three-day event. The organizers also promise an unforgettable party during the Monday Mingle.

How to register: Check out the registration page for Global Scum Gathering 2024.

5. Digital Summit 2024

Where and when: Orlando, FL, US February 26-27 | Las Vegas, NV, US, March 13-14 | Chicago, IL, US, April 3-4 | New York, NY, US April 25-26 | Denver, CO, US, June 10-11 | Seattle, WA, US, July 16-18 | Minneapolis, MN, US, August 14-15 | Philadelphia, PA, US, September 19-20 | Raleigh, NC, US, November 4-5 | Dallas, TX, US, December 4-5

What to expect: For the past 15 years, the Digital Summit series of conferences has become one of the main resources for everything relating to marketing, addressing people of all levels and every industry. Attend in person or online to connect with the over 5000 digital marketing professionals and learn how to make an impact in your organization’s future.

How to register: Check out these links:

6. 12th IPMA Research Conference 2024

Where and when: College Park, MD, US, April 19 – April 21

What to expect: The theme chosen for the 12th edition of the IPMA Research conference is “Project Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”. Led by prestigious personalities like Dr. Ronngui Ding, Dr. Marija Todorović, Tim Jaques and Prof. Qing Yang, the topics of this year’s edition will include learning models, emerging project competencies, sustainability and many other aspects of the AI-PM junction.

How to register: Check out the registration page for IPMA Research Conference in College Park.

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7. Agile 2024

Where and when: Dallas, TX, US, July 22 – July 26

What to expect: If you can’t make it to the GSG event in May, but you’d still like to meet up with fellow Agilists, don’t fret. The 2024 edition of Agile held in Dallas is another great place to make new connections, learn about the latest trends, strategies and ideas in PM. This year, the gathering features an innovative concept called “Extreme Open Space”, allowing participants to tailor their own agendas and attend sessions according to their own theme.

How to register: Check out the registration page for Agile 2024 in Dallas.

8. PMI Global Summit 2024

Where and when: Los Angeles, CA, US, September 18 – September 21 | Berlin, DE, April 10 – April 11 | Rwanda, November 18 – November 20

What to expect: Currently only the location of the events has been made public, but if the last years’ editions are any indicator, you can expect to interact with massive, growing community, interact with experts and discover new ways of tackling your daily work challenges. Participants can also earn PDUs by attending the PMI Global Summit. It’s worth noting that the conference was recently awarded a silver medal at the prestigious Eventex Awards.

How to register: Coming soon

9. House of PMO 2024

Where and when: London, UK, June 18 – June 19

What to expect: The largest UK based PMO event returns in 2024. Hosted in Houndsditch, an amazing art venue with plenty of space, the conference will feature talks and hands-on workshops for all PM levels. However, the agenda and speakers are yet to be announced.

How to register: Check out the registration page for House of PMO in London.

10. Future PMO 2024

Where and when: London, UK, October 3

What to expect: The annual flagship event of Wellingtone has an impressive speaker lineup this year, including Rachel Bromley, Stephen Carver, Mladen Vukomanović, Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton and many others. This year, the conference’s theme is #PMOWizards and the program managers’ aim is to showcase the achievements of luminaries, in the hope that it will inspire the next generations.

How to register: Check out the registration page for Future PMO 2024 in London.

11. Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) 2024

Where and when: TBD

What to expect: TBD

How to register: Coming soon

12. PGCS 2024

Where and when: Canberra, AU, August 13 – August 15

What to expect: “Capability Matters!” is this year’s PGCS symposium theme, and the guest list – of which only Glen B. Alleman has been confirmed so far – will include speakers from diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia to top industry leaders and changemakers. Participants can earn up to 1 PDU per hour spent in the Masterclass sessions of the conference.

How to register: Check out the registration page for PGCS 2024 in Canberra.

13. Project Management Symposium 2024

Where and when: University of Maryland, MD, US / Online / Hybrid, April 18 – April 19

What to expect: Like in the previous years, the PMS 2024 offers online, hybrid and in-person attendance options. The Project Management Symposium is still one of the most lucrative options for PMs looking to earn some PDUs (up to 37.5). Gathering professionals from all over the globe, the conference promises that all attendees will leave with new practical knowledge that they can implement right away.

How to register: Check out the registration page for Project Management Symposium in Maryland.

14. International Conference on Project Management (ICPM) 2024

Where and when: Ean University, Bogotá-Colombia, September 5 – September 6

What to expect: Touching on projects in the areas of management, education and engineering, the 2024 ICPM conference in Bogotá will feature talks on sustainability, entrepreneurship and leadership, automation and optimization, innovation, virtual teaching and many more. The organizational committee is chaired by Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve, PhD., Leonardo Rodríguez Urrego, PhD., William Steven Fajardo-Moreno, PhD., José Gustavo Vivas Martín, PhD. and Dra. Brigitte Baptiste Ballera.

How to register: Check out the registration page for International Conference on Project Management in Bogotá.

Closing thoughts

A wide variety of topics are broached by 2024’s project management conferences, but AI and its integration within the industry are definitely the prevalent themes. Let us know which events you plan to attend this year.

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