Neil Armstrong Timeline

Born on August 5, 1930, Neil Armstrong will forever be remembered – maybe despite his wishes - as the first human being to walk on the moon. A humble, private person, the iconic figure was described by his close ones as a “reluctant American hero” who believed he was just doing his job. While he was proud of the role he played in the moon landing, Neil did not want it turned into a circus performance or used for commercial purposes, so he avoided publicity as much as possible.

To commemorate the iconic figure, we have created a timeline of his life.

Neil Armstrong Timeline

The Neil Armstrong Timeline marks major milestones and events in the life and career of the astronaut, including his first plane ride, his graduation, his first flight in space, and the year he left NASA for a teaching career. Despite being renowned for his voyage to the moon, Armstrong’s original career choice didn’t involve spaceflight. According to his own words, in his youth, all his aspirations were related to flying planes. He took his first plane ride at the age of 6 and earned his flight certificate at 16, even before getting his driver’s license.

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