Jeff Bezos Timeline

Jeff Bezos Timeline

This Saturday, American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeff Bezos turns 55. Known for founding the world’s biggest online shopping retailer, Amazon, Mr. Bezos has several other business investments as well, which he manages through Bezos Expeditions, his venture capital fund. Among the best known ones are the aerospace company Blue Origin and national newspaper The Washington Post. Having become the world’s wealthiest person in 2017, he also set the record of being the first centi-billionaire on the Forbes index.

To wish a happy birthday to the one who was ranked among the 50 greatest business leaders in the world for three years in a row, we have created the Jeff Bezos Timeline, which highlights some of his most significant life events and career achievements.

Completing his high school studies as a valedictorian, the young Bezos would set out on a steady path to success by pursuing a higher education at the Princeton University, from which he graduated with two academic degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. The freshly graduated man who used to work as a line cook at MacDonald’s in his high school days would, at this point, receive a variety of job offers at important multinational corporations such as Intel and Andersen Consulting. Starting his career at a financial telecommunications company, he then entered the banking industry where he succeeded in becoming an influential figure by the age of 30.

In late 1993, while on a trip from New York to Seattle, Mr. Bezos wrote the business plan for his own start-up, envisioned as a web-based bookstore. He then left his Wall Street job to dedicate himself to developing the venture, which was named “Amazon” and launched in July, 1994. Warning the early investors about Amazon's high risk of failure, he nevertheless went on with his endeavor, gradually expanding the product range from books to a variety of consumer goods and web services. However, this product diversification caused financial distress and led to Amazon almost going bankrupt in 2002. Under Mr. Bezos’ assiduous management, the business rebounded from instability and became the world’s biggest online sales company and cloud infrastructure service provider.

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Download the Jeff Bezos Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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