Google History Timeline

Google History Timeline

Google’s always been a little unconventional in everything they did, and their birthday is no exception. The company has celebrated its anniversary on 4 different dates over the years, the latest official date being 9/27. To explain these inconsistencies, Google stated that the exact birthdate has been moved around depending on when people felt like having cake.

Quite surprisingly, Google has yet to create a celebratory doodle for September 4, the date the company was officially founded. Since we like cake, we have built a timeline to fill that gap and wish them a happy anniversary.

The Google Timeline marks some of the major milestones in the history of the Internet giant, including, among others, the day the domain was registered, the date when Larry Page and Sergey Brin filed for incorporation, or the launch of Chrome. August 30, 1998, marks the date the first Google Doodle was published. The doodle wasn’t meant to celebrate or commemorate anything, but rather served as a funny out-of-office message to let people know that the founders were at the Burning Man festival.

The Google chronology was designed in PowerPoint using Office Timeline, a simple add-in that allows users to quickly create eye-catching timelines, Gantt charts and other similar graphics. To edit the visual or build your own, we recommend using the Plus version of the add-in, which unlocks a large range of customization options and time-saving features.

Download the Google History Timeline for PowerPoint here.

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