Plus Edition.
Elegant, uncomplicated.
Hard to ignore.

The Office Timeline Plus add-in makes stunning timelines everyone understands. Use its powerful features to save time and create presentations your audience will remember.


$59 One-year license

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Office Timeline Plus is the best PowerPoint timeline tool available on the market today - bar none. When organizing teams around complex schedules with multiple deliverables, timelines need to be easy to build, intuitive to update and simple to comprehend. Office Timeline Plus delivers all of this.
Chris Torres
Head of External Communications, OneWeb
I absolutely love the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in! It is so very easy to use, very flexible and creates beautiful timelines quickly! It has been a valuable productivity tool for me and I highly recommend it.
Barbara Niksch
Medical Device Clinical & Regulatory Consultant

Go lightning-fast with templates.

Choose from dozens of pre-designed templates or create your own to make impressive visuals even faster. Switch between templates at the click of a button to instantly change the look of your timeline.
PowerPoint timeline templates
Import from Microsoft Project into Office Timeline

1. Manage your plans and schedules in Microsoft Project as you always do.

2. Import your Project file into the Office Timeline add-in with just a few clicks.

3. Instantly get your timeline and sync to update it automatically as plans change.

Import & Sync

Import & sync from Excel into Office Timeline

1. Manage your project data in Excel as you usually do.

2. Import it into Office Timeline with a few clicks.

3. Instantly get your timeline and sync to update it.

… or Copy & Paste

Copy & paste from Excel into Office Timeline
Copy & paste project data from Microsoft Excel for quick timeline creation.

Show more, explain less. Make larger, more detailed timelines.

Office Timeline Plus gives you the freedom to add as many tasks and milestones as needed, without limitation, so clients and execs can see all the details you want them to see.
Make detailed timelines in PowerPoint

Get organized. Show your plan more clearly with Tasks-in-a-Row.

Office Timeline Plus lets you group multiple tasks on a single horizontal line to easily show sub-phases or arrange activities into work streams.
Gantt chart maker: show tasks on one row

Create uniquely customized timelines with Plus Edition. Get over 50 powerful features to tailor your timeline exactly as you want it to be.

Create custom timeline templates in PowerPoint

Create your own templates

Save your styling preferences as a template to reuse for any future work.
Create timelines in hours and minutes

Hours and Minutes

Create timelines, Gantt charts and daily schedules scaled down to hours or minutes.
Show % complete and task duration

Percentage complete & duration

Show critical details clients and executives are expecting, such as percent complete and task duration.
Customize milestone and task shapes

29 milestone and task shapes

Plus Edition lets you choose from a wide selection of shapes so your timeline will be unique and impactful.
Customize fonts and colors

Customize fonts and colors

Plus Edition lets you format text with font, size, color and other styles so you can create the perfect timeline.
Choose date & time formats

Date & time formats

Pick from over 25 different date formats, including international dates, to present your plans in the way your audience expects.

Office Timeline Add-in

Free vs. Plus vs. Pro Edition comparison

Free Plus Pro
Add more than 10 items per timeline Add as many tasks and milestones as you need to create detailed, easy-to-understand timelines.
Create Swimlanes Show multiple projects on a slide with Swimlanes.
Limited* Limited to 10 milestones and/or tasks per slide.
Add milestones inside Swimlanes Place milestones inside Swimlanes for added accuracy.
Limited* Limited to 10 milestones and/or tasks per slide.
Show milestones on tasks Make unique timelines with milestones on tasks.
Timeline and Gantt templates Get a fast start with our professional-looking timeline and Gantt templates.
Swimlane templates Save time and stand out with our impressive Swimlane templates.
Create custom templates Create your own templates to use for future work and save time.
Import data from Excel Import Excel data and Sync it with the click of a button.
Import data from Project Instantly turn MS Project data into a beautiful timeline and Sync when plans change.
Copy & paste from Excel Copy & paste data from your favorite spreadsheet app and instantly turn it into a beautiful slide.
Limited* Limited to 10 milestones and/or tasks per slide.
Group tasks on one row Break activities into sub-phases or work streams with Tasks-in-a-Row.
Timelines in hours & minutes Show tasks and milestones scaled down to hours or minutes.
Tasks above & below the timeband Make unique timelines with tasks both above AND below the timeband.
Drag & drop updating Drag objects to rearrange them or instantly update their dates.
Technical support Get help from our responsive support team whenever you need it.
Unlimited free updates Always get the latest product features and improvements for free.