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Pincello Plus quickly creates PowerPoint timelines that are easy to manage, export and share …right from your browser


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$59 Business, 1 Year License

Get a head start with Templates

Save time and effort with Pincello's online Template Gallery

Choose from a variety of stylish templates in categories like Roadmaps, Pharmaceutical, Project, IT, or Software Development.
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Build timelines 60% faster

Connect to existing Excel data to generate beautiful timelines instantly

Import up to 150 Excel records into Pincello to create professional-looking timelines and Gantt charts and have them presentation-ready in seconds.
1. Your data in Excel
Manage your project data in Excel as you usually do
2. Import into Pincello
Drag & drop your file to load into Pincello.
3. Get a stunning timeline
Instantly generate your timeline and style it to perfection.
1. Your data in Project
Manage schedules in Microsoft Project as you always do.
2. Import into Office Timeline
Browse to your Project file with the Import Wizard.
3. Beautiful PowerPoint timeline
Instantly get a Project timeline and sync to update it.

Stand out in important meetings

Win over any audience with exceptional PowerPoint presentations

Pincello Plus Edition lets you export an unlimited number of timelines into PowerPoint and even edit them further using Office Timeline. This means you can quickly have your visuals ready for important presentations and communicate your project plan in a stylish, familiar way that anyone can understand.

Improve project communication and reporting

Build unique, detailed timelines and always have them at hand, as fast as you need them.

Pincello Plus Edition enables you to present all the critical details of your project in a clear, convincing way. Most importantly, it ensures your data is safely stored in the cloud so that you never risk losing your work.
  • Show more, say less
    Add up to 150 rows of data to create stunning timelines and communicate as much detail as needed to clients and execs.
  • Save more timelines
    Plus Edition lets you save unlimited timelines and Gantt charts so you can easily edit, update and share them wherever you are and whenever you need them.
  • Fit more tasks
    Use drag & drop or the intuitive Style Pane to instantly adjust the size and spacing of your tasks for a better fit.
  • Percent complete & task duration
    Display critical details such as task duration or percentage complete to give clients and execs a clear view of your project’s progress.
  • Customize everything
    Use the powerful Style Pane to customize any detail on your timeline and convey your message the right way.

Pincello Plus Edition comparison

Pincello Plus Edition is designed for professionals who need to present project plans, schedules and reviews on a regular basis – and wish to do it in the most impressive way. Pincello Instant and Free are well suited for quickly creating timelines that do not require regular updates, edits or sharing.
Instant Free Plus
Number of records you can Import from Excel 10 10 150
Number of records you can enter manually 10 10 150
Number of timelines you can save 0 5
Number of .PPT downloads / month 0 5
Number of .png downloads / month
Drag & drop tasks and milestones
Milestone & task shapes 20+ 20+ 20+
Custom-position your timeline
Add % complete & task duration
Color fonts and shapes
Date formats 8+ 8+ 8+
Technical support
Free unlimited updates
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$59 Business, 1 Year License