Office Timeline Licensing

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Free Edition

Who said great things are not free?

Full featured Office Timeline Free Edition is… free. Licenses are granted to any employee, individual or company who downloads and installs the software.

What can I do with the Free Edition?

Office Timeline Free Edition can be used for personal or business purposes. The license is unrestricted and may be transferred and redistributed. Office Timeline Free Edition can be deployed centrally by any company or organization.

Plus Edition

What is the Difference between Individual and Business Licenses?

Individual Licenses are intended only for individuals who purchase the software with personal funds. Individual licenses are only available as a Single License and are owned by the individual. They cannot be sold by software resellers, and individuals cannot transfer their licenses.

Business Licenses are for companies and organizations (including non-profit and government) who purchase the software for general commercial use. They are purchased with company funds and each user needs to be licensed. Business licenses are owned by the company that purchased them and they are transferable if a user leaves the company or the project. Business Licenses can be sold by software resellers.

Can I transfer Office Timeline Plus to another user?

If a named user leaves the company, freeing up a license key, companies may transfer that Office Timeline Plus license key to another named user only if it is a Business License.

How does licensing work for Office Timeline Plus?

When you purchase Office Timeline Plus you receive a unique Product Key. Office Timeline uses this to activate powerful “Plus” features in the product for a one year period. The combination of the Office Timeline software and the Product Key Service is referred to as an Office Timeline Plus “license.” Office Timeline Plus licenses are granted per user. Individuals and Companies who want to deploy it must license each user who will use it. Each licensed user is permitted to run one copy of Office Timeline Plus on one licensed computer for use by that one person.

How does the Product Key Service work?

When you activate Office Timeline Plus Edition with your Product Key, a service will associate the use of the software with your specific computer or device. During installation, our software will automatically contact our Product Key Service, validate your license and activate Office Timeline Plus for your license period.

How long can I use Office Timeline Plus?

Your Office Timeline Plus license is granted for a full year after the date of purchase. You will have the option to extend it prior to the expiration of your 1 Year term. If you renew your license, your Office Timeline Plus Product Key will be extended for 1 Year. If you choose not to extend your license, the premium features of the Office Timeline Plus will expire, and the software will revert to the fully functional Office Timeline Free Edition.

How can I extend the Office Timeline Plus license?

We provide uninterrupted access to Office Timeline Plus by automatically extending your license through an annual billing service. Prior to the expiration of your license period, you receive notifications that Office Timeline Plus Product Key is due to expire and that it will be renewed. The billing service will charge the annual license fee and your Product Key will be automatically extended for a 1 year period. You can change the annual billing settings at any time, and after renewal you have 30 days if you wish to refund your Office Timeline Plus license.

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