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Pharmaceutical Product Discovery Timeline

Developing a new drug from scratch is an incredibly complex, multi-staged process, as anybody who’s ever worked in the industry knows very well. There are multiple variables involved, such unknown short and long-term substance interactions, so the manufacturers must take every precaution to ensure the safety of their products. Furthermore, the FDA has strict regulations and requires extensive documentation for every phase of the process.
Therefore, the necessary clinical trials and revisions of pharmaceuticals extend across many years and it can take a long time, even decades, for a drug to become available on the market. If you also take into account the fact that patents are have a limited lifespan, planning ahead becomes a crucial aspect in keeping a project of this magnitude on track.

To help you ensure that all the pieces fall into place perfectly, we have created this timeline template using the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in, a powerful but easy to use Gantt chart and timeline maker. It covers the key stages in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products, as well as the major milestones, from drug selection to approval. The Pharmaceutical Product Discovery timeline is free to download and customize to your needs.

The journey of a drug that will change the world begins with a single step, but the free edition of Office Timeline can help you map it out from research to commercialization. With the Pro Edition, you can bring in all your data and impress your stakeholders with outstanding swimlane charts to secure funding and continue making the world a better place.


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