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Office Timeline v3.17
Release Date: November 01, 2017

What's new?
The ability to create custom templates and use them for any future work.
The ability to quickly switch between different styles and templates.
New import functionality that allows users to load data directly into a template.
A brand-new Data Entry wizard that allows entering/editing milestones and tasks in one step.
Improved UI for smoother timeline creation and customization.

Office Timeline release schedule

Office Timeline v3.16

Release Date: Release Date: July 04, 2017

What's new?
Ability to selectively apply individual style properties to items.
Ability to import tasks marked as milestones, as milestones, from Project.
Improved detection of 1 day tasks during Excel import.
Improved Style pane usability and design.
Fixed Project task duration difference bug.
Fixed Project sync bug related to rejected changes during sync.
Fixed Project sync bug related to item duration (1 to 0, vice versa).
Fixed various small UI bugs.

Office Timeline v3.15.1

Release Date: June 08, 2017

What's new?
Significantly updated and improved Style Pane design, functionality, and usability.
Ability to select multiple objects and style them at the same time.
Dramatically improved Microsoft Project import speed.
Improved Plus Edition Activation Process.
Improved timeline wizard Hours/Minutes cell rendering.

Office Timeline v3.14.0

Release Date: May 05, 2017

What's new?
Significant improvement in styling usability
Added 'Apply to All' functionality in Style Pane
Removed Style page from wizard and moved functionality to Style Pane
Simplified the Office Timeline ribbon in PowerPoint

Office Timeline v3.13.0

Release Date: March 29, 2017

What's new?
Improved Project & Excel import
Improved Project sync
Improved Excel copy & paste
Improved Task Pane behavior
Improved behavior of visual elements in timeline
Fixed Timeline Wizard sizing for different screen resolutions
Numerous usability improvements
Numerous bug fixes

Office Timeline v3.12.1

Release Date: March 14, 2017

What's new?
Rebuilt Project Import core (Project import no longer requires Microsoft Project to be installed)
Improved Project sync functionality
Improved Excel copy & paste functionality
Improved Task Pane behavior
Improved task and milestone textbox sizing behavior
Minor UI improvements
Fixed a number of bugs

Office Timeline v3.10.4

Release Date: February 23, 2017

What's new?
Added Hours/Minutes capability to Office Timeline
Added hours/minutes based templates
Redesigned date format picker
Improved Timeline Wizard
Fixed a number of bugs

Version 3.9.5

Release Date: August 27, 2016

What's new?
Improved Project import wizard, sync functionality and UI
Improved Excel import wizard, sync functionality and UI
Improved manual activation process
Improved diagnostics wizard for troubleshooting Office Timeline install issues
Improved logging for debugging problems
Added Accept/Reject All buttons for Project and Excel sync
Added new 'Updates Available' functionality to notify user of updates
Added Start Office Timeline application shortcut
Added a readme file for how to start Office Timeline
Added ability to manually map Excel imported columns
Added ability to deactivate license on machine
Added ability to to send push notifications to Office Timeline users
Added Plus Edition activation button to Office Timeline ribbon
Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.9.4

Release Date: August 3, 2016

What's new?
Ability to synchronize timeline data with Microsoft Excel.
When you import data from Excel and the spreadsheet changes,
click the Sync button to instantly revise your timeline with the updated data.

Version 3.8.1

Release Date: June 17, 2016

What's new?
Significant user interface and usability improvements to Timeline Wizard
Improved keyboard navigation of Timeline Wizard
Updated timeline templates
Added Don't Automatically show Task Pane option

Version 3.7.3

Release Date: April 26, 2016

What's new?
Excel integration - Ability to import timeline data from Excel files to create a timeline
Improved Wrike import functionality
Minor bugs and usability improvements

Version 3.6.0

Release Date: February 15, 2016

New Features & Enhancements
Improved Wrike integration
Updated Office Timeline to use SmartSheet API v2.0
Upgraded minimimum installation requirement to .NET Framework 4.5.2

Version 3.5.0

Release Date: January 29, 2016

New Features & Enhancements
Wrike integration - Ability to create timelines from Wrike data

Version 3.3.02

Release Date: January 18, 2016

New Features & Enhancements
Added ability to import Microsoft Project files with complex predecessors
Improved integration with Office 2016
Improved License Refresh functionality

Version 3.3.01

Release Date: November 27, 2015

New features & Enhancements
Added ability to synchronize data between Microsoft Project and Office Timeline
Improved Microsoft Project data import speed by 300%+
Improved interaction between PowerPoint and Microsoft Project during synchronization
Multiple User interface and usability improvements in Timeline Wizard
Improved product activation experience for IT admins

Version 3.2.0

Release Date: September 2, 2015

New features
Microsoft Project Sync integration
New Microsoft Project import Wizard
Added support for Microsoft Project 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007
Added support for Office 2016

Over 50 user experience and user interface enhancements
Added Import tab to the New Timeline Wizard
Improved duration calculation algorithm
Adjusted dd/mm data format default
Enhanced word wrap feature for time scale dates
Fixes for reported issues

Version 3.1.07

Release Date: July 15, 2015

Enhanced secure distribution and code signing
Improved setup experience
Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.06

Release Date: April 3, 2015

New features
Added ability to hide dates on tasks by deleting them on the PowerPoint slide
Added ability to hide dates on milestones by deleting them on the PowerPoint slide
Added usability enhancements in trail mode

Minor aesthetic changes to elapsed time and today markers
Improved task title text color behavior
Improved task pane selection process
Improved tutorial player

Fixed 'Compare method' error

Version 3.1.05

Release Date: March 2, 2015

New features
Released new functionality for extending licenses at renewal
Added proxy setting controls for data import

Improved load performance with Microsoft Office 365
Check license expiration and license renewal enhancements
Enhanced coloring to match PowerPoint color palettes

Fixed Task Date Format issue when importing data
Fixed an issue with "Use workdays for duration calculation
Fixed importing dependencies from SmartSheet
Corrected SmartSheet vertical connector issues with imported data
Fixed Task Title coloring inconsistency

Version 3.1.04

Release Date: January 16, 2015

New features
Smartsheet integration - Ability to create timelines from Smartsheet data
New timeline scale options
Remember Milestone connector transparency
Ability to reset milestone layout (without resetting the entire timeline)

Improved activation experience
Improved first run experience
Improved Task pane behavior
Improved visual style of thin task shapes
Remember manually changed text-box widths for task titles on edge of slide
Corrected flag connector layer position
Fixed active days calculation
Fixed additional known issues

Version 3.0.10 (Major)

Release Date: Nov 25, 2014

New features
Smart algorithm to maximize space and optimize layout
Milestone layout sensing and Smart Milestone Placement
Milestone title sensing and Smart Milestone Wrap
Vertical height sensing and Smart Timeline Placement
Timescale sensing and Smart Timescale Adjustment
Task layout sensing and Smart Task Thickness
Task layout sensing and Smart Task Spacing
Task title overlap sensing and Smart Task Title Placement
Task title length sensing and Smart Task Wrap
Smart update for older timelines
Precision milestone title for individually customizing milestone titles
Precision milestone date for individually customizing milestone dates
Precision task title for individually customizing task titles
Precision task date for individually customizing task dates
Precision duration for individually customizing task duration entries
Precision progress for individually customizing task % complete entries
Precision reset to undo changes on individual items
New timeline templates
100% performance improvement in slide layout and rendering
Improved set-up reliability and robustness
Style Wizard usability optimization
Manually customize milestone and task to any size
Optimized to remember manual changes to timeline
Improved wizard for easier milestone and task date entry
Updated validation & error notification
Today marker color optimizations and transparency
Usability enhancements to optimize timeline set-up, date set-up,
styling and customization, settings and control, and rendering
Fixes for known issues

Version 3.0.06 (Major)

Release Date: Oct 31, 2014

See list above.

Version 2.2.10

Release Date: Sep 12, 2014

Improved enterprise activation over firewall

Version 2.2.0

Release Date: Jul 4, 2014

Improved Task Pane usability & behavior
Improved first run experience
Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.23

Release Date: Apr 30, 2014

New coaching tips to help users through first timeline creation
Automatically create demo timeline for first timeline
Improved UX and UI on Wizard
Fixed several minor bugs

Version 2.1.20

Release Date: Mar 28, 2014

Improved automatic milestone and task color selection
Allow full-screen mode for tutorial videos
Added option to not show Office Timeline Task Pane automatically
Fixed CPU utilization high when using wizard bug
17 additional minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 2.1.12

Release Date: Dec 11, 2013

New features

Show % complete for tasks
Ability to enter and save notes for milestones & tasks
Show or hide milestones & tasks without deleting them
Choose Gel or Flat style in the New Timeline wizard
Create color outlines around tasks
Automatically set text-box width based on text
Added new controls and functionality to the Task Panes


A number of UI, usability and user experience improvements
Enhanced look and feel of timeline (colors, spacing, sizes, borders, etc.)
Better milestone & task title automatic color algorithm
Faster add-in load times
Better usability of the add-in
More intuitive 'working days' options for tasks
Setup & install experience no longer requires Admin privileges
Flexible editing of task durations in the wizard
Updated date format picker UI
Fixed task element overlap that occurred in specific circumstances
50 additional enhancements, fixes, and updates

Version 2.1.11

Release Date: Nov 06, 2013

Improved product activation experience
Improved error message hints and quality
Improved trial experience
Improved setup experience
Improved how line-breaks are handled in milestone and task titles
Fixed historical date bug related to mm/yy date format
Fixed issues with upgrading older timelines
Fixed elapsed time position bug
Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements

Version 2.1.9

Release Date: Oct 18, 2013

Completely redesigned, new streamlined user interface
Ability to change task height and spacing to allow more tasks to fit on a single slide*
New Task panes capability with over 35 customizations covering every element of a timeline
Rendering optimizations that make the app perform faster
Quick switching between milestones, tasks, style wizard dialogs
Ability to handle any Windows supported language for dates*
2 New timeline types*
15 New milestone and task shapes and multiple sizes and heights*
Updated timeline templates using new shapes and features*
Custom placement of flags as well as flags below the timeband*
Task duration, formatting, and ability to enter tasks by duration rather than dates
Ability to manipulate positions of the task and milestone dates/titles*
Improved handling of corporate templates
Improved Undo handling (and more coming)
Improved upgrade and downgrade of timelines (Free > Plus and Plus > Free timelines)
Corporate deployment & activation
Tips on all of the buttons/controls
Hundreds of behind the scene optimizations and changes

* = Plus Edition feature.

Version 2.00.11

Release Date: Mar 6, 2013

Minor bug fixes
Incremental improvements in performance

Version 2.00.09

Release Date: Feb 7, 2013

Graceful upgrading of timelines created with older versions of Office Timeline
New diagnostics tool with ability to collect troubleshooting data
50% Smaller footprint (download size is ½ the size now)
15+ small improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.00.06

Release Date: Jan 25, 2013

Increased application performance by ~300% when rendering timelines
Improved UI responsiveness and performance
Enhanced ability to handle international dates
Enhanced Auto Adjust Long Task Titles logic
Added ability for Style wizard to remember last page user was on
Added the ability to gracefully handle PowerPoint files opened directly from SharePoint
Reduced overall package download size

Version 1.08.20

Release Date: Nov 27, 2012

Fixed task create/edit wizard to correctly create more than 10 tasks

Version 1.08.19

Release Date: Nov 22, 2012

Enhancement to how historical timelines are rendered
Improved error messages so they are friendly and easy to understand
User Interface improvements
Enhanced Milestone date rendering
Implemented intelligent font handling
Fixed milestone text box positioning bug
Fixed hide milestone date bug
Fixed Flag connector color is not retrieved from the slide on edit
Fixed Data Grid Error bug in Gantt and Phases style

Version 1.08.17

Release Date: Nov 15, 2012

User interface adapted to work with 120dpi / 125% Windows Font setting
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Task line is no longer lost from table when older slides are updated
Custom color on timeband is maintained when switching timeline themes
Check for product updates only when application loads
Added MMM/YYYY date format
Historical timeline in Gantt timeline style update
Upgrade dialog no longer displayed when clicking the Style button
Hide Milestone Date style improvement
Task Date and General Date Format on Style Wizard now use selected color theme
International date format improvement
Upgrading a timeline to 2012 Plus keeps intervals that were sorted in sorted order
Flag pole and Timeband colors now correctly adjust when changing themes