Change the timescale of your project’s timeband.

If the duration of your project spans multiple years or just a few days, you can change the date intervals on your timeband to match by setting it to Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters or Years. (To make a dateless timeline that presents a project without defining a specific start or finish date, please see this blog on dateless timelines.)

1. Open your timeline slide in PowerPoint and select your graphic's timeband.

Timeband Scale in Months

2. With the timeband selected, go to the Timeline Scale section in the Office Timeline Style Pane on the right (pictured below). Here, pick a new timescale from the options available (Hours/Minutes, Days, Weeks, Weeks (ISO), Quarters or Years). The add-in will automatically update your timeline. You will also find the language control for the timeband here. Use it to change the language of your timeband’s scale if you have an international audience.

Change Timeband Scale

In the example below, we have switched the timescale from months to weeks.

Timescale in Weeks

Are you running the latest version? Check our Updates page here.

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