Build Timelines Scaled Down to Hours and Minutes

One of the most frequent feature requests we receive from the Office Timeline community is the capability to scale timelines into smaller time increments, so that even the most granular plans and projects can be presented in a stunningly impressive way. These professionals need PowerPoint timelines and Gantt charts that span minutes or hours rather than days, and they need milestones plotted to an exact point in time. As a customer driven company, the valuable work our teams are continually doing at Office Timeline is always 100% focused on needs such as this.

After months of planning, customer feedback and development, we’re excited to deliver a highly customizable Hours and Minutes enhancement that has been designed to work seamlessly in a simple and familiar way. With the latest update, Office Timeline Plus users can now easily create timelines, Gantt charts and other visuals, such as agendas and hourly schedules, using hours and minutes as time intervals.

Download the latest version of Office Timeline from here.

hours and minutes example

How to make hourly timelines in PowerPoint

Professionals who need to fast-start their timelines can use one of the built-in hourly templates Office Timeline Plus comes equipped with, such as the one above. Alternatively, they can choose one of the many free pre-formatted templates available online here. They are easily customizable and provide a quick starting point for building beautiful visuals. Creating a PowerPoint timeline or Gantt chart using the hours and minutes feature is effortless with the latest edition of Office Timeline. Here’s how:

1. From PowerPoint, click on the Office Timeline tab to open the timeline ribbon. Next, go to NEW to create a new timeline and select the Style you want. You will be automatically directed to the Milestone Wizard once you click on one of the Styles.

hours and minutes step one

2. On the Milestone Wizard, select the CLOCK icon in the upper right and then enter the description, date and color for each milestone item. Click or type in the time field to set the specific time for each milestone. You can also do this from the Time Setter, which allows you to set the length of your working day. Once done with milestones, hit the Next arrow and repeat these steps on the Task Wizard.

hours and minutes milestone

3. The final step is to style your timeline by making design choices for its appearance and layout.

hours and minutes style

Once done, select the Green check, and Office Timeline will automatically create your hours and minutes timeline in PowerPoint.

hours and minutes final step

Applications for Hours & Minutes

The hours & minutes enhancement can be used for an expanded range of planning and reporting needs, from project management and executive reporting, to engineering and litigation timelines. It can be used for any scenario that requires a granular breakdown of tasks and activities, or for the plotting and tracking of key events, including:

  • Planning, tracking and communicating granular project data or short-duration tasks
  • Creating legal timelines to structure case evidence and oral arguments into compelling visuals
  • Building graphical shift schedules for better staff organization and coverage plans
  • Printing visual agendas for important meetings, seminars or conferences
  • Preparing visual event plans that teams and vendors understand

For a more detailed tutorial on building hourly Gantt charts and timelines, please watch the video below:

About Office Timeline Plus

Professionals spend a lot of time creating timelines, Gantt charts and other visuals to communicate their data more effectively at important meetings. Office Timeline makes the process faster and simpler, allowing users to:

  • work right inside PowerPoint, providing an easy, familiar and seamless experience
  • create simple, elegant visuals that are easy for audiences to understand and remember
  • instantly update timelines when their milestone or task data changes
  • scale from years and decades down to hours and minutes
  • easily print and share the PowerPoint timelines for improved collaboration.

Quickly turn project data into professional timelines

Build stunning, uncomplicated timelines and Gantt charts that are easy to make and simple to communicate. Get the advanced features of Office Timeline Plus free for 14 days.


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