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Plus Edition Highlights

Discover the dozens of premium features offered only in the Office Timeline Plus Edition.  Hover over the hotspots below to learn more.

Everything you need to create stellar project updates

Get these and dozens of additional features with Office Timeline Plus Edition:

Copy & paste data directly from Excel
12 Additional templates and chart styles
15 Extra milestone and task shapes
65 International date formats
100+ Languages supported
Customize text properties (fonts, colors, sizes, ...)
Fit over 30 tasks on a slide
Drag & drop to change the order of tasks
Position the timeline anywhere on the slide vertically
Customize the position and placement of milestones

Copy & paste data from Microsoft Excel

Office Timeline Plus Edition lets you copy your project information from Excel and paste it into the Timeline Wizard for quick timeline creation and updates.

See it in action: Play video

If you prefer the manual route, see how painful it is to make timelines in Excel or how to make Gantt charts in Excel, manually.

Use Excel to Create a Timeline

Go faster with pre-built templates

Office Timeline Plus Edition has 10 additional beautifully-formatted templates when
you need to put together an impressive project presentation quickly.

Timeline Templates

See it in action: Play video

Fit 30+ tasks on
a single slide

A typical goal of a project review is to present the most critical and high-level aspects of the project, however sometimes you just need extra details.

Office Time Plus Edition lets you change the size and spacing of tasks so you can add the extra details your timeline needs.

See it in action: Play video

Create a Timeline with Lots of Tasks

Add style and precision with connector lines

Office Timeline Plus Edition allows you to add, hide, or change the horizontal and vertical connectors. Customize colors, customize sizes, or remove them from view.

See it in action: Play video

Use Timeline Connectors

Office Timeline Plus Edition allows you
to choose from hundreds of fonts,
colors, sizes, and styles to help
drive important

Make Stylish Timelines by Customizing Fonts

See it in action: Play video

Office Time Plus Edition allows you to communicate more important details such as the how many days, working days, or working weeks each task is.

See it in action: Play video

Unlock the power of the Plus Edition for this and over 50 other features which will create powerful timelines so you stand out.

Show Task Duration on Timeline

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Stand out and impress your customers, colleagues,
and managers with Office Timeline.

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