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Key Features

Office Timeline makes beautiful Gantt chart and timelines timeline presentations in just a few clicks!  See how simple it is to create beautiful beautiful project presentations that your managers and customers will appreciate.


Timeline Wizard

The New Timeline Wizard collects your data, asks for a few preferences, and with the click of a button, creates the timeline or Gantt chart for you!  You don't have to create graphic objects inside PowerPoint, Office Timeline does it for you.

Powerful Styles

Every project, presentation and person has their own style and personility.  With Office Timeline, personalizing your gantt charts and project timelines is a breeze.  The Style wizard let's you customize colors, fonts, and various other options to get the look and feel you want.


Your task is to manage projects, not become a graphic artist.  Office Timeline lets you create professional timelines without manually drawing objects inside PowerPoint.  Get a head start with 10 different templates that come with the Plus edition. 

Paste From Excel or Project

Reading data tables or detailed gantt charts from Microsoft Project is generally an unpleasant experience for your customers and management.  With Office Timeline Plus, you can copy and paste data from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project to quickly create timelines.

#1 Timeline Maker for PowerPoint

Office Timeline offers a number of unique features that no other timeline maker provides, such as...
Offite Timeline Features
  • Integrated PowerPoint ribbon.
  • Easy to use wizard.
  • Ability to change styles on the fly.
  • Built directly into PowerPoint.
  • Native PowerPoint objects so you can share timelines just as you do any other PowerPoint slide or image.

Integrated Ribbon

Office Timeline provides a native PowerPoint ribbon that looks, feels, and behaves like the rest of PowerPoint so you don't have to spend time learning to use the tool.  The ribbon provides all the features you need to create and customize beautiful timelines and Gantt charts that your staff, management, and customers will appreciate.
Office Timeline in PowerPoint

Easy to Use Wizard

Office Timeline WizardCreating your first timeline only takes seconds, thanks to the New Timeline wizard.  Launch the New New Timeline ButtonTimeline Wizard by clicking the New button on the PowerPoint ribbon, pick the type of timeline or Gantt chart you want, enter your milestones and tasks, and click Finish.  It's that simple!

The wizard also lets you customize the color, look and feel of milestones and intervals.

Powerful Styles & Customization

Style WizardOffice Timeline has a number of features that allow you to customize your timeline or Gantt chart to best suit your preferences.

The Style wizard gives you the flexibility to add or manipulate any of the details of your timeline, from text colors to timeline position.  Some of the customization features include the ability to add or change:
  • Today Marker
  • Elapsed Time Marker
  • Year "End Caps"
  • Vertical and horizontal connectors
  • Position of timeline on slide
  • Colors for different objects
  • Font defaults and sizes

In addition to the style wizard, there are many other customization features.  For example, you can change the overall style of the entire timeline with two clicks.  Or you can give the timeline a flat or 3D look.

Adapts to PowerPoint Design and Color Templates

A really cool thing about using native PowerPoint objects is that the timeline automatically adapts to your design theme.  If you decide to apply a new design template to your presentation, the timeline automatically picks up the new color scheme.  The Before and After example below shows how text, dates, tasks, elapsed time, and the timeline itself automatically change colors when the user switches the PowerPoint slide theme.
Dynamic Timeline Style Change

There's More Where That Came From

Download Office Timeline for Free and see for yourself.  In case you are wondering what else there could be:
  •   Copy and Paste from Microsoft Excel or Project.
  •   Choose a timeline scale (days, weeks, months, quarters, or years).
  •   Hide the dates for Tasks or Milestones.
  •   Change date formats.
  •   Change fonts and font properties of the timeline.
  •   Add extras to your timeline such as today marker and end caps.
  •   Create historical timelines.
  •   Export your Gantt chart data to excel.

NOTE: Some of the features listed above are only available in the Plus edition of Office Timeline.

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